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Emergency Mass meeting to defend Public Housing/Jena students - New Orleans

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  • les evenchick
    ... To: , Fight Racism and Classism from Jena Louisiana to New Orleans Louisiana All out for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2007
      --- "Arena, John David " <jarena@...> wrote:

      To: <NOLA_C3_Discussion@yahoogroups.com>,
      <noheat@...> Fight Racism and Classism
      from Jena Louisiana to

      New Orleans Louisiana

      All out for Thursday Mass meeting to respond to
      capitalist court's Green light to demolition of

      Public Housing

      On Monday September 17th, federal judge Ivan "the
      terrible" Lemelle, appointed by Bill "I demolished
      100,00 units of Public Housing" Clinton, gave his seal
      of approval to the Bush administration's criminal plan
      to demolish thousands of units of viable public
      housing apartments in New Orleans. This vile criminal
      act, which is also supported by the Nagin
      administration and city council, will prevent the
      former, mostly African American working class Public
      Housing families from returning to the city.
      Furthermore demolition--the removal of thousands of
      rent controlled apartments from the market-- will only
      intensify the affordable housing crisis that all
      working class people face.

      On Thursday we will stand strong and not tolerate the
      railroading of six African American youth in Jena.
      Lets also stand strong in New Orleans against ethnic
      and class cleansing; against the railroading of
      thousands of African American, working class families
      out of New Orleans.

      Thursday, September 20

      7 PM

      St Jude Community Center

      400 N Rampart St.

      we will also meet

      Saturday, September 22

      6 PM

      Survivors Village

      4100 block of St Bernard Ave

      across from the St Bernard public housing development

      For more information, call Jay Arena at 504-520-9521

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      Les Evenchick
      New Orleans
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