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Green Party of Louisiana Convention Summary

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  • Sean P. Clark
    Thanks to everyone who participated at the convention last Sat. The speakers and panels were outstanding and attendees were vocal. I look forward to this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2007
      Thanks to everyone who participated at the convention last Sat. The
      speakers and panels were outstanding and attendees were vocal. I look
      forward to this upcoming year. Notes are below.

      There are many issues the GPL should be addressing in the upcoming
      year. I encourage everyone to join the Louisiana Greens discussion
      list and post your ideas.

      Sean P. Clark
      GPL Secretary

      = = = = =

      Introductions of visitors were made. Sean Clark gave a welcome
      statement and explained that the past Coordinating Committee's term
      had expired. Julie Whitbeck was chosen to facilitate the meeting. The
      agenda was approved by consensus.

      Campus Greens
      Although no Campus representatives were available, John Clark spoke on
      behalf of the Loyola campus greens. He said that the group still
      exists, but he does not know if it still exists at the national level.
      John stated that there is a greater need for student organizing.

      Julie Whitbeck spoke up on behalf of UNO greens. She said that there
      was a fundraiser, but did not know what else was going on. Shawn
      Christy said that the group's organizer was out of the country. Julie
      said it needed new leadership.

      Treasurer's Report (Robert Caldwell)
      Pre-Katrina the account had $2,692. Dan Thompson was refunded the
      $1000 fee that was for the Green Party's state qualifying fee. Current
      costs are for the P.O. Box, URL for the Website, and approx. $500 on
      the convention for mailers and automated calls. Three unauthorized
      expenses were made: $150 for Common Ground, $50 for the Hurricane
      Relief Fund, and $50 to the Jena 6. As of Sept. 8 2007 the balance was
      approx. $900. Subtract $200-220 for the event meal from Mona's and an
      additional $50 for reimbursements, and the balance is about $500. With
      estimated donations from the event the balance will be back up to
      $800. Robert will provide a full auditable account/report to the new

      Ed Hammerli made a movement to authorize the donation expense
      allocations made by Robert. The expenses were approved by consensus.

      Black Caucus Report
      Alfred Molison, co-chair of the National Green Party Black Caucus,
      stated that there was an upcoming conference call to plan for a

      Robert Caldwell stated that we need a plan and purpose as we went
      through 2 election cycles with no action. His draft plan was presented
      [the draft plan previously posted to the email lists].

      Members debated whether there should be more focus on building a green
      movement or running candidates and ballot initiatives. Discussion
      centered around meeting people's needs such as: healthcare (re-opening
      Charity Hospital); environmental safety and coastal restoration;
      proper reporting/action on Jena 6; freedom and justice for political
      prisoners (Angola 3); door to door outreach in New Orleans East (with
      Vietnamese pamphlet translations); support existing organizations that
      represent Green Party values ( i.e. Common Ground, LEAN, PHRF, etc.);
      focus on outreach and grassroots organizing.

      The following people were elected to the CC by consensus:
      Julie Whitbeck - Co-Chair
      Ed Hammerli - Co-Chair
      Sean Clark - Secretary
      Art Carpenter - Treasurer
      Shawn Christy - Representative to the Green Party of the United States
      Malik Rahim - Representative to the Green Party of the United States

      The following amendments were discussed and affirmed by consensus.

      Article 1, Section 3 Amended (revisions in UPPERCASE)
      Membership is open to any Louisiana resident who is not a registered
      member of another recognized political party, who supports the Party
      and its purpose, who completes and submits an approved Green Party of
      Louisiana membership form OR COMPLETES AND SUBMITS A LOUISIANA VOTER
      general agreement with the following Ten Key Values...

      Article 2d Amended (revisions in UPPERCASE)
      The presence in person or conference call of a SIMPLE majority of the
      Committee shall constitute a quorum.

      Article 2f Amended to include:
      Or the until the CC member's term expires.


      Each of the following was passed by consensus.

      1. We as the Green Party of Louisiana call for the justice and freedom
      of the Jena 6, the Angola 3, Gary Tyler, and all other political
      2. The Green Party of Louisiana demands:
      1) The immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq;
      2) The reallocation of tax funds to the complete rebuilding of all
      areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, the construction of category 5
      levees to protect the New Orleans area, and the restoration of all
      coastal wetlands in south Louisiana; and
      3) The reallocation of tax funds to clean up all war-related
      environmental toxins, including depleted uranium, in Iraq.
      3. Endorsement of the Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital [resolution
      presented by Brad Ott]
      4. Establishment of a Committee to reorganize and revise the GPL
      platform. Volunteers included Andrea Garland, Shawn Christy, Sean
      Clark, and Christian Roselund.
      5. We endorse the findings and appreciate the International Tribunal
      on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

      ENDORSEMENTS (by consensus)
      Malcolm Suber - City Council at-large
      Gary Wainwright - Criminal Judge
      Joe Alfone - District 91 Rep

      Panelists: Malik Rahim, Jim Randalls, Brad Ott
      Moderator: Christian Roselund

      Panelists: Brice White, Kali Akuno
      Moderator: John Clark

      Austin King
      - Green Party Member
      - former President of the Madison, WI Common Council

      Alfred Molison
      - Green Party Member
      - running for City Council in Houston Texas
      - Co-chair of National Green Party Black Caucus
      - Co-Chair of the Harris County Green Party
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