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Notes on Jena Six Conference Call

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  • Shawn Christy
    ***DISTRIBUTE WIDELY*** Monday evening, I participated in a conference call the purpose of which was planning for the September 20 Free the Jena Six
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      Monday evening, I participated in a conference call the purpose of
      which was planning for the September 20 Free the Jena Six
      demonstrations. The call focused on logistics, and my notes follow.

      Direct any questions about the rally to the email below. For
      information on the local New Orleans group, join
      http://groups.google.com/group/Jena6nola/ .

      The call primarily served as a briefing conducted by Brother Derrick
      Muhammad of Millions More Movement, Houston. Melissa Bell (Mychal's
      mother) spoke briefly to bring us up-to-date on the legal case;
      primarily the reductions of charges, the juvenile conspiracy charge,
      and an October 11 court date. She expressed her love and gratitude to
      the movement.

      Next, Brother Derrick took over the call. Questions were generally
      referred to ministryofjustice@... and the website

      September 20 is the date for the demonstration, also the sentencing
      date for Mychal Bell, who is facing 22 years under current charges.
      Some adult charges have been dropped and some have been reduced. The
      demonstration will take place at the Jena Courthouse (1050 Courthouse
      Road, Jena). The program begins at 9 AM, but demonstrators should
      arrive no later than 7:30 AM for the march to the courthouse.

      The program has not been set, but will be emailed. There are no
      activities planned after the march, because Jena is not really the
      kind of place you'd want to hang out. MMM Houston is calling their
      bus "Ride Against Jenacide", and Derrick suggested a spirited and
      educational ride featuring DVD's or sharing stories from any elders
      present. Generally, make it exciting.

      Demonstrators should bring signs, which should include your locale
      and your affiliation, e.g. "New Orleans Supports the Jena 6"
      or "Green Party of Louisiana Supports the Jena 6".

      DO NOT SPEND A DIME IN JENA. Buy gas, food, or anything else
      elsewhere. Don't let the racists profit. If 10,000 people spend $30
      apiece, Jena gets $500,000. Water will be provided, but bring your
      own food and extra water because it may be hot.

      Rumors that permits are required to go to Jena are false, as are
      those saying that you cannot drive your own private vehicle to Jena.
      Email the address above if you'd like to receive a copy of the email
      sent by the State Police to organizers to print out and carry with
      you. There will be Port-a-Potties provided by State Police and
      organizers to make this action as comfortable as possible.

      If you have available seats in your bus or private vehicle, contact
      organizers immediately to organize rideshares and caravans. Include
      your name, contact info, organization, city, how many seats you have,
      etc. If you need a ride, likewise email the address above.

      In addition to demonstrations, you can write letters to the judge in
      this case and letters of support to the Jena 6. Likewise, you can
      organize letter writing campaigns on campuses or in cities to do the
      same. Mychal Bell gets through the day with his head up only because
      he receives so many letters of support, but it's getting more
      difficult to get by. Let him and others know that you are there and
      you support them. Addresses can be found on the website above.

      There is a corrupt state to tip over and a city to shut down. If any
      outcome short of total exoneration comes, we will follow up soon,
      possibly with little notice. There may be similar actions in Baton
      Rouge, if a date is set for hearings to remove or censure Jena's

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