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Fwd: Longtime NEW YORK green coming to New Orleans

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  • les evenchick
    Tony Gronowitz, recent Green Party candidate for mayor in New York City is arriving tommorrow(see message below) with many of his students to do volunteer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2007
      Tony Gronowitz, recent Green Party candidate for mayor
      in New York City is arriving tommorrow(see message
      below) with many of his students to do volunteer
      housing work.

      If anyone is interested in meeting him or setting up a
      speaking engagement while he is here(about a week)
      please contact me as soon as possible.

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      > Subject: New Orleans
      > Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:03:12 +0000
      > Les,
      > We (33 of us including my daughter) arriving
      > tomorrow at 12:45 PM
      > This political bio is culled and revised from my
      > www.greenmayor.org site.
      > A Manhattan native, Anthony Gronowicz graduated from
      > P.S. 6, Trinity School, Columbia College, and the
      > University of Pennsylvania where he received a Ph.D.
      > in New York City political history. He edited Oswald
      > Garrison Villard: The Dilemmas of the Absolute
      > Pacifist in Two World Wars (1983) and authored Race
      > and Class Politics in New York City Before the Civil
      > War (1998). His 196,000 word U.S. history was
      > published by McGraw Hill for his students (2006). He
      > has taught New York City, American, African-American
      > and Global history; and writing — from junior high
      > through graduate school — and was nominated in 2003
      > for a distinguished teaching award at Bronx
      > Community College.
      > Gronowicz chaired the Chelsea Committee to End the
      > War in Vietnam, attended the first SDS march on
      > Washington (1965), the Pentagon (1967), Mumia in
      > Philadelphia with his daughter (2000), and the
      > Diallo City Hall protests. On June 4, 2001, he was
      > involved in covert direct action at WBAI to end
      > censorship and restore jobs of fired staff. From
      > 1999 to 2001, he chaired the University Seminar on
      > the City at Columbia University, and was appointed
      > to the Speakers’ Bureau of the New York Council for
      > the Humanities (2000-2002) to talk about “The
      > History of Race Relations in New York City.” On
      > October 7, 2001, at CUNY’s Graduate Center, he
      > chaired a panel with the same title that included
      > Elombe Brath (Patrice Lumumba Coalition), Omowale
      > Clay (December 12 Movement), Jeff Perry (Local 300),
      > and Cleo Silvers (Local 1199). At the New York
      > Society Library since 2001, he has led a dozen paid
      > seminars on the ethnic history of New York City, New
      > York City's intellectual history, U.S. third
      > parties,
      > and the U.S. Constitution. He is active in his
      > union, the Professional Staff Conference of the City
      > University of New York, co-editing a union pamphlet,
      > “Globalization, Privatization, War: In Defense of
      > Public Education in the Americas” (2003). On
      > December 9, 2003, he publicly testified at City Hall
      > before Councilman Charles Barron’s Committee on
      > Higher Education.
      > Gronowicz believes that the Greens are capable of
      > building a multi-ethnic party grounded in
      > environmental and social justice, and practicing
      > transparent government, transparently arrived at. In
      > 1996, he ran for state assembly in the 73rd A.D. (he
      > currently represents from the 70 AD). In eight WBAI
      > programs in 2000, he discussed his race and class
      > book and how average Americans can succeed in
      > building a successful third party to defend their
      > interests against a privately run transnational
      > corporate economy that has downsized and outsourced
      > full-time American jobs over the last generation,
      > with no end in sight.

      Les Evenchick
      New Orleans
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