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UPDATE - New Media Debuts - 3/17/04

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  • Edward Melendez
    *The Urban Conservancy Bi-Weekly Update* March 17, 2004 In this issue: *New Media Debuts *Join the UC (now with more perks) *Still Not Convinced About Joining?
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2004
      *The Urban Conservancy Bi-Weekly Update*

      March 17, 2004

      In this issue:
      *New Media Debuts
      *Join the UC (now with more perks)
      *Still Not Convinced About Joining?
      *Readers Write
      *News Roundup
      *Upcoming Events


      Yes, we have been uber-busy. In addition to our work on
      the Stay Local! program, we have been releasing all sorts
      of stuff for YOU. Check it out:


      JOIN US
      *New benefit for members only!*
      Members of the Urban Conservancy now qualify for discounted
      services at The Darkroom, a newly opened public center for the
      photographic arts. Members have access to high quality equipment
      and facilities for both film-based and digital photography, workshops
      and more. If you're a member, contact us for details on how
      to redeem your discounts.

      Learn more about the darkroom at:

      If that's not enough to get you to join...

      The Urban Conservancy invites you to become a member
      and receive:

      *The Quarterly newsletter, mailed to your home or office
      *Copies of all reports and analyses issued by the Urban
      *A voice in shaping the Urban Conservancy's research
      program and priorities

      The Urban Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
      organization and all membership contributions
      to the Urban Conservancy are tax deductible.

      Learn more:


      A letter from one of our members:


      *Plastic in Your Pad
      *WWOZ -- Whaaa?

      Read more:


      *The Numbers Game
      *Smart Growth Is Great, When Done Smartly
      *Main St. Returns from Exile
      *Don't Call Them Yuppies

      Grab 'em here:


      MARCH 19-20
      Shakespeare 'Round the Clock.

      Poets, actors, & people of all kinds will meet to
      read the works of William Shakespeare from 8 PM
      on Friday until midnight on Saturday, March 19
      and 20. It'll happen in the beautiful surroundings
      of the Trinity Church, 1329 Jackson Ave.

      Anyone who always wanted to play Hamlet, but
      looks bad in tights, is welcome. Coffee and
      pastries are available to keep you up all night!

      Bach Around the Clock and Shakespeare Around
      the Clock are the brainchildren of Albinas and Manon
      Prizgintas. For more information, call them at
      504-670-2520 and aprizgintas@....

      MARCH 20
      "2004 Issue Briefing and Advocacy Training"

      Presenting Groups:
      *American Civil Liberties Union
      *Critical Resistance New Orleans
      *Equality Louisiana (formerly LAGPAC)
      *Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana
      *Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
      *Louisiana Environmental Action Network
      *Planned Parenthood of LA/MD

      These groups will discuss:
      *How a bill becomes law in Louisiana
      *How to track a bill on the website
      *Testifying in committee
      *Planning public education events
      *Organizing people to come to the Capitol
      *Utilizing the media
      *How to contact your legislator
      *Sending faxes and letters
      *And more!
      *Materials will be available.

      9:30-11:30 AM (Registration and Reception at
      9:30 AM, Event at 10:00 AM), Tulane Law School,
      Room 157, First Floor (Reception in Multi-
      Purpose Room, First Floor), 6329 Freret St.
      The training is free and open to the public.

      MARCH 20
      "Growing Organically in New Orleans"
      Mario Taravella, who comes from a very long line of Sicilian
      growers, will give a talk on organic gardening in the city.
      The talk will be followed by optional garden work (always
      welcome in a community garden). New Orleans Food and
      Farm Network (NOFFN) hopes to help develop this site in
      a way that is both agreeable to the neighborhood and able
      to be used as a regular meeting site for the NOFFN gardeners
      group. The garden is located at 1020 S. Telemachus in the
      triangle neighborhood behind Xavier. Refreshments provided.
      The event will begin at 9:30 AM. For more information, contact
      Marilyn at 504-488-1147


      The Urban Conservancy

      Make groceries, not war.

      Edward Melendez

      El socialismo puede llegar solo en bicicleta.
      -Jose Antonio Viera-Gallo
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