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UPDATE- You're Invited! - 3/10/04

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  • Edward Melendez
    *The Urban Conservancy Biweekly Update* March 10, 2004 In this issue: *You re Invited! *News Roundup *Readers Write *Upcoming Events ... YOU RE INVITED! From
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2004
      *The Urban Conservancy Biweekly Update*
      March 10, 2004

      In this issue:

      *You're Invited!
      *News Roundup
      *Readers Write
      *Upcoming Events


      From the Urban Conservancy core values:

      Local Control
      We support the right of communities to democratically control
      their urban environment. We believe that positive global change
      starts from local initiatives.

      In this spirit, we urge you to get involved, stay involved
      and support your neighborhood and your city.

      The Urban Conservancy is proud to be a sponsor of the kickoff
      to the Citizen Participation Program for New Orleans. And you're

      Tuesday, March 16
      6:00 PM
      UNO Downtown Theater, 619 Carondelet Street


      1. Introduction of the Citizen Participation Program concept
      2. How Citizen Participation Programs work in other cities,
      as told by representatives from the Citizen Participation Program
      in Portland, Oregon
      3. The process for developing a Citizen Participation Program
      in New Orleans
      4. Questions and answers

      Refreshments will be served

      The essence of what a citizen participation program (CPP) does is
      simple: it allows citizens to have a greater say in city government
      decision-making and priority setting, and it gives government officials
      an effective means for communicating with the people. Ultimately,
      a CPP is a vehicle for individual citizens to have a direct impact on
      the policies and actions of city government. Getting a formal CPP
      established in any city, however, requires a strong commitment by
      the citizens of that community.

      Public input meetings on the CPP will be held around the city during
      the weeks of March 22 and 29; the full schedule will sent to you in
      the next few days.

      The CPP will be your program. You are being asked to help design
      the New Orleans CPP. If you have any stake at all in the future of
      our city, this is your opportunity to help set the framework for our
      future. Please join us in setting the course for a better New Orleans.

      Sponsored by:
      Committee for a Better New Orleans/Metropolitan Area Committee
      New Orleans City Planning Commission
      Total Community Action (TCA)
      The Urban Conservancy
      New Breed New Orleans
      New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC)
      University of New Orleans

      Help support our work...


      The Urban Conservancy invites you to become a member
      and receive:

      *The Quarterly newsletter, mailed to your home or office
      *Copies of all reports and analyses issued by the Urban
      *A voice in shaping the Urban Conservancy's research
      program and priorities

      The Urban Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
      organization and all membership contributions
      to the Urban Conservancy are tax deductible.

      Learn more:



      If you are reading this, then you know the power of
      organization and communication.

      Your neighborhood or other group can now take it online!
      The Urban Conservancy supports democratic control of
      neighborhoods by their residents. A critical part
      of democracy is the open sharing of communication.
      The Internet is a part of that communication process
      and can be a way of quickly and inexpensively sharing
      information related to your neighborhood.

      The Urban Conservancy has learned a number of lessons
      from our website and e-mail list which received the
      Gambit award for Best Activist Use of the Internet in
      2002. Now we want to share that knowledge with
      neighborhood groups and other organizations
      throughout the city for a price that is more
      economical than almost anywhere else.

      Learn More:


      Art, News and Culture of the City

      *In a Historic Black Hamlet, Wal-Mart Finds Resistance
      *Street Life
      *EPA Report Finds that Lane Additions Don't Relieve Congestion
      *Community Building Coming of Age

      Read them here:

      TALK BACK!

      The Urban Conservancy encourages discussion
      of and response to everything we post on our
      Web site. We also welcome any tips or updates
      that are relevant to protecting New Orleans'
      greatest assets. Respond to us at



      *What's the Right Swamp?
      *High Rises and Property Values
      *Lay Off Swamps!
      *BGR Seeks Nominations

      Dig this:



      MARCH 12
      Dispatch from the City
      "Making Housing Affordable"
      The second episode of the Urban Conservancy's
      TV show will air at 9:30 PM. You will find us in
      the nether reaches of your Orleans Parish cable
      dial on Channel 77.

      Scheduled to appear on this show are:

      Milton Carr
      Board Member, Downtown Neighborhoods Improvement Association
      Jeffrey May
      Executive Director of Fair Housing Action Center
      Dabne Liebke
      President, Downtown Neighborhoods Improvement Association
      Mary Gail Snyder
      University of New Orleans, College of Urban and Public Affairs

      Geoff Coats, Principal and co-founder of The Urban Conservancy,
      is the moderator.

      The quarterly show will follow a new topic of interest to neighborhoods
      and communities everywhere, with a special focus on New Orleans.
      For those of you out of the viewing area (or boycotting television),
      we will also be running an online broadcast shortly.

      MARCH 16
      Citizen Participation Program for New Orleans
      UNO Downtown Theater, 619 Carondelet Street
      6:00 PM
      (see first article for complete description)

      MARCH 18-APRIL 17
      Greenpeace/Habitat for Humanity
      "Healthy Homes for Health Communities"
      From the press release:

      --The Problem --
      The effects of toxic chemical emissions does not stop at a facility's
      fence line. People living next to these facilities are experiencing
      illnesses that they directly attribute to toxic air and water emissions.

      As long as we use vinyl to build houses, chemical companies will
      continue to produce toxic PVC (the single most environmentally
      damaging of all plastics). It is time for a change.

      --The Solution--
      Greenpeace and Habitat for Humanity, with the help of several other
      groups, have started a project that will demonstrate a low-cost solution
      to PVC in home building.

      This spring we will build a house that is both PVC-free and replicable
      for low-income families. The home will have other green features and
      the construction will be solar powered by our "Rolling Sunlight" vehicle.

      The house will be located in the St. Roch/New Marigny neighborhood
      of New Orleans just miles from the French Quarter. Once the building is
      complete, the campaign to promote similar housing projects just begins!

      --Join Us!--
      Construction begins March 18th and continues for four, three-day weekends
      (Thursdays-Saturdays except Easter weekend) until April 17th. Volunteers
      are needed on the following dates:

      March 18th-20th (Thurs. -Sat. Wall Raising)
      March 25th-27th (Thurs. - Sat)
      April 1st-3rd (Thurs. - Sat)
      April 15th-17th (Thurs. - Sat)

      For more information visit

      If you would like to be involved, please contact:

      Maria Lya Ramos


      The Urban Conservancy

      Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and
      an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day.
      -E.B. White
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