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"Declaration of Independents" Recap & Important (ESPLANADE OFF BROAD) Monday School Board Meeting

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  • Steven Godfrey
    Hello Everyone, The Greater New Orleans Green Party raised $525 for their 5 endorsed candidates at The Declaration of Independents event at Neutral Ground
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2003
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      Hello Everyone,
      The Greater New Orleans Green Party raised $525 for their 5 endorsed candidates at "The Declaration of Independents" event at Neutral Ground  on Saturday &  Sunday (7/12 & 13).  Thanks to everyone involved!  Also, please attend the school board meeting at McDonogh 35 (ESPLANADE, RIGHT OFF BROAD), which takes place on Monday, July 14th, starting at 6pm, as there is MUCH at stake at this meeting for the children with the unfortunate task of attending public school in Orleans Parish.  Your presence will serve notice that the status quo shouldn't be the status quo!
      Side Note:  Please keep up with the many upcoming events in regard to the CAFTA (extension of NAFTA scam) at the stopcafta.org website, as CAFTA is on its way to New Orleans at the end of July.
      Thanks Everyone,

      Steven Godfrey
      GNO Green Party Elections Coordinator
      GNO Independents-Green Slate (www.educatenotincarcerate.com) (July-October 2003) Candidate Information:

      CC Campbell-Rock (Campaign Manager: Paulette Swartzfager poet@...)
      BESE Board (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education): District 2 (All of Orleans Parish, small part of North Shore, small part of Jefferson Parish)

      Renee Washington (VRW1225@...)
      Jefferson Parish Sheriff

      Jason Neville (Campaign Representative: Robert Caldwell jamaisvu182@...)
      State Senate: District 3 (roughly between river and lake, Elysian Fields and industrial canal)

      Dan Thompson (Campaign Manager: John Thompson rylnwrld@... )
      State House: District 105 (around Plaquemines/Lafourche/Jefferson Parishes)

      Les Evenchick (piratefish@...)
      State House: District 93 (Quarter/Warehouse district/Downtown/parts
      of Lower Uptown/Central City/Treme)
      828 Royal Street, #256
      New Orleans, LA 70116

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