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A Progressive GNO Update (Sunday, July 6)

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  • Steven Godfrey
    Hey Y all, As many of you already know, there is MUCH going on, so here we go: SCHOOLS FOR CHIAPAS: Many thanks to the Schools for Chiapas people for visiting
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      Hey Y'all,
      As many of you already know, there is MUCH going on, so here we go:
      SCHOOLS FOR CHIAPAS:  Many thanks to the Schools for Chiapas people for visiting us here in New Orleans and in Houma recently to bring awareness of some of the basics about the history and current situation of the Zapatistas and their ongoing struggle for independence in Chiapas, Mexico.  Thanks also to those who attended one of their stops down here in Southeast Louisiana.  Please visit their site at www.schoolsforchiapas.org to find out more about their programs to help the Zapatistas to build their own schools and to provide bikes and bike parts, as well as bike maintenance training, among many other services.  After learning more about them and their mission, please strongly consider them in whatever way you feel you can.
      STOP CAFTA COALITION:  As the global capitalists continue to attempt to grossly enrich themselves in spite of being the richest people in the history of the world, and in spite of the fact that the trade agreements that they concoct behind closed doors for the rest of the world continue to crush the world's poorest people, they're yet again attempting to set up another trade agreement, cowardly running away from the people's right to know what's being done to their tax dollars and national sovreignty.  The latest one they've been scheming up is the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which promises to extend the destruction and despair that NAFTA has caused to North America, especially Mexico (crushing the Zapatistas' corn prices with American-subsidized corn, among incalculable other tragedies), to Central America.  They're pushing hard to get this agreement rushed through before leftist governments establish themselves in power in key Central American nations.  Consequently, The Stop CAFTA Coalition has begun to establish itself to counter this extraordinarily destructive effort at Unfair Trade.  The CAFTA talks are scheduled for July 28- August 1, and activities are planned for July 26, among other activities.  Please consult stopcafta.org often to get further information and to keep up on how you and your groups can help to build the coalition (a meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 7 at Fair Grinds.
      "INDEPENDENTS-GREEN" CANDIDATES ENDORSED:  The Greater New Orleans Green Party held a General Meeting on Sunday, July 6 at Fair Grinds Coffee House, at which the party voted on endorsement of independent and Green candidates for the upcoming October 4, 2003 elections.  The candidates and their respective campaigns presented why they should receive GNOGP endorsement and the GNOGP questioned the candidates/campaigns to make judgments on whether or not to endorse them, case by case.  Of the 6 candidates up for endorsement, 5 of them were successfully endorsed.  The 5 endorsed candidates are as follows:
      CC Campbell-Rock (Campaign Manager: Paulette Swartzfager poet@...)
      BESE Board (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education): District 2
      Please Note:  CC, an awesome and tireless person and educational justice advocate for children, is in the midst of an intense effort to gather as many petition signatures as possible so that she can forego the $600 candidate registration/qualifying fee; she has about 1000 signatures, but she needs around 3000, all by the end of the week.  PLEASE CONTACT CC's campaign manager Paulette to find out how you can help:  289-9018, as soon as you can!  Thanks!

      Renee Washington (VRW1225@...)
      Jefferson Parish Sheriff

      Jason Neville (Campaign Representative: Robert Caldwell jamaisvu182@...)
      State Senate: District 3 (around Quarter/Marigny/etc.)
      Dan Thompson (Campaign Manager: John Thompson rylnwrld@...)
      State House: District 105 (around Plaquemines Parish/Lafourche Parish/Jefferson Parish)
      Les Evenchick (piratefish@...)
      State House: District 93 (around Quarter/Marigny/etc.)
      Each and everyone of the aforementioned candidates have extraordinary resumes of dedication and accomplishment for causes of peace and justice, some of which are on their websites mentioned above.  They are all running because they are wanting to make sure that the progressive agenda, which usually gets totally neglected by meaningless corporate candidates, gets addressed adequately during the heavy media spotlight of the elections season.  Please check in with their campaigns to discover what they all have done and what they stand for now and for the future, and then please consider strongly helping one, some or all of them out by completing the form and sending it back to us via email, mail, phone or fax.
      Email:  Interim Elections Coordinator Steve Godfrey at rylnwrld@...
      Mail:  GNOGP, PO Box 56306, New Orleans, LA  70156-6306
      Phone:  Interim Elections Coordinator Steven Godfrey at 504-486-5134
      Fax:  CC Campbell-Rock at 947-5903
      #1) Campaigns:
      Please indicate in which campaigns you would like to work:
      a) CC Campbell-Rock for BESE Board District 2 (roughly Orleans Parish)_____
      b) Les Evenchick for State House District 93 (area incl. Quarter, Marigny, etc.)_____
      c) Jason Neville for State Senate District 3 (area incl. Quarter, Marigny, etc.)_____
      d) Dan Thompson for State House District 105 (incl. Plaquemines/other parishes)__
      e) Renee Washington for Jefferson Parish Sheriff_____
      #2) Name:________________________________________________________________
      #3) Address:__________________________________ #4) City:___________________
      #5) State:__________ #6)Zip Code:___________________ 
      #7) Phone: (_____)_______________ #8) Phone #2: (_____)_______________
      #9) Email:_______________________________________________________________
      #10) Days & Times Available for Campaign Work:
      Please indicate during which times you would be available to do campaign work:
      a) Sunday Days_____/ b)Nights_____
      c) Monday Days_____/ d) Nights_____
      e) Tuesday Days_____/ f) Nights_____
      g) Wednesday Days_____/ h) Nights_____
      i) Thursday Days_____/ j) Nights_____
      k) Friday Days_____/ l) Nights_____
      m) Saturday Days_____/ n) Nights_____
      More specific days/times available comments:________________________________________________________________
      #11) Campaign Tasks:
      Please indicate in which specific campaign tasks you would be interested:
      a) Door-to-Door Canvassing_____
      b) Voter Registration_____
      c) Tabling_____
      d) Flyering_____
      e) General Office Work_____
      f) Phone Calling_____
      g) Newsletter Work_____
      h) Fundraising_____
      i) Media Relations_____
      j) TV_____
      k) Radio_____
      l) Internet_____
      m) Event Coordination_____
      n) Volunteer Coordination_____
      o) Transportation Assistance_____
      p) Promotional Materials_____
      q) Musical_____
      r) Graphic/Visual Arts_____
      s) Cooking_____
      t) Housekeeping/Babysitting_____
      u) Legal Assistance_____
      v) Medical Assistance_____
      w) Accounting Assistance_____
      x) Computers (Hardware/Software)______(Please describe your specialty/specialties):_______________________________________________________
      y) Language Translation_____(Please indicate which language<s>):_____________________________________________________________
      Please describe any other campaign tasks in which you would be interested here:_____________________________________________________________________
      #12) Campaign Material Assistance:
      Please indicate in which areas you would be able to assist in equipping the campaign(s) with material resources:
      a) Office Space_____
      b) Office Supplies/Appliances (phones, copiers, fax machines, printers, etc.)_____
      c) Computer Equipment (hardware, software, etc.)_____
      d) Telephones_____
      e) Canvassing Materials (clipboards especially)_____
      f) Campaign Material Design/Production (buttons, posters, fliers, shirts, caps, balloons, etc.)_____
      Please describe any other campaign material resources you would like to contribute:________________________________________________________________
      #13) Group(s):
      Please list any group(s) that you are affiliated with in the following space:______
      #14) School(s):
      Please list any school(s) that you are affiliated with in the following space:________
      #15) Church(es):
      Please list any church(es) that you are affiliated with in the following space:_______
      #16) Campaign Financial Donation(s):
      Please indicate the amount that you would be interested in giving to one or more campaigns, listing how much in relation to each campaign:____________________
      #17) YOUR THOUGHTS:
      Please share any comments, questions, suggestions here for The Greater New Orleans Green Party or any of the 5 GNO Green Party-endorsed political campaigns here; please feel free to express your own concerns about what issues should be addressed and how the GNOGP and/or campaigns should address them:_________
      Your time and consideration is very appreciated!
      Steven Godfrey
      Interim GNOGP Elections Coordinator
      If your organization(s) or group(s) would be interested in getting in contact with the campaigns and/or their candidates to arrange a meeting, please contact them when possible.  Also, please consider submitting the following organizations form via email to Steven Godfrey:
      1) Organization Name:_____________________________________________________
      2) Address:_______________________________________________________________
      3) City:___________________________ 4) State:__________ 5) Zip Code:___________
      6) Phone: (_____)______________ 7) Phone #2: (_____)_______________
      8) Email:_________________________________________________________________
      9) Would your organization(s)/group(s) be interested in meeting with one or more candidate(s)/campaign(s)?  If so, which campaign(s) and what day(s) and time(s) would be most convenient for your organization(s)/group(s)?:___________________
      10)  Please list any additional comments here:_________________________________
      Please feel free to send along events that you and/or others are working on for inclusion on the calendar that follows.  For those of you who would like to keep up with this calendar on an ongoing basis, please subscribe to the "Independents-Green" mailing list, mailto:gnogp100403@yahoogroups.com  , or contact me for alternative ways of getting updates of this calendar at rylnwrld@... .  Here it is:
      July 2003 
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      Add Event -  Add Task
      Week 27
      29   [Add]
      30   [Add]
      1     [Add]
      2     [Add]
      3     [Add]
      4     [Add]
      5     [Add]
      Week 28
      6     [Add]
      7     [Add]
      8     [Add]
      9     [Add]
      10   [Add]
      11   [Add]
      12   [Add]
      Week 29
      13   [Add]
      14   [Add]
      15   [Add]
      16   [Add]
      17   [Add]
      18   [Add]
      19   [Add]
      Week 30
      20   [Add]
      21   [Add]
      22   [Add]
      23   [Add]
      24   [Add]
      25   [Add]
      26   [Add]
      Week 31
      27   [Add]
      28   [Add]
      29   [Add]
      30   [Add]
      31   [Add]
      1     [Add]
      2     [Add]
      Previous Month | Next Month
      Please notice especially the upcoming week of events, which includes the Monday, July 7 performance by Reverend Goat at Fair Grinds (6pm-7pm), the Stop CAFTA Meeting at Fair Grinds later that night (7pm-11pm), the Tuesday-Thursday (7/8-9) "Greens on Neutral Ground? Show" at Neutral Ground (6pm-7pm Nightly), See CC Fridays (7/10 from 6pm-7pm) and the "Declaration of Independents/Greens Event at Neutral Ground on Sat/Sun (7/12 & 13), from 1pm-7pm each day.  If you would like to contribute in any way to any of these events, please contact me at rylnwrld@... .
      Please accept my apologies for the information overload in this e-mail here folks.  It's definitely partially my stylistic leanings to blame for all of this, but I believe there are also the many tasks ahead of us that are to "blame" for this overload.
      Stay Strong Everyone,

      GNO Independents-Green Slate (www.educatenotincarcerate.com) (July-October 2003) Candidate Information:

      CC Campbell-Rock (Campaign Manager: Paulette Swartzfager poet@...)
      BESE Board (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education): District 2

      Renee Washington (VRW1225@...)
      Jefferson Parish Sheriff

      Jason Neville (Campaign Representative: Robert Caldwell jamaisvu182@...)
      State Senate: District 3 (around Quarter/Marigny/etc.)

      Dan Thompson (Campaign Manager: John Thompson rylnwrld@... )
      State House: District 105 (around Plaquemines Parish/Lafourche Parish/Jefferson Parish

      Les Evenchick (piratefish@...)
      State House: District 93 (around Quarter/Marigny/etc.)
      828 Royal Street, #256
      New Orleans, LA 70116

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