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Petition Progress and some Petition Drive Events

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  • paulette swartzfager
    Hi, Some of you have CC Campbell-Rock candidate nominating petition forms that I need to get back. I have heard from many of you and I know you have faced a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      Some of you have CC Campbell-Rock "candidate nominating petition forms" that I need to get back. I have heard from many of you and I know you have faced a bit of difficulty since many people want to know what she looks like and some more specific details about her experience and ideas about improving education. We are just about finished with a 1/2 page handout (picture and major points) that will be ready for July 4th.  

      CC's web site is also up:  www.EducationalJustice.com .

      She and I (and anyone who can come along) are going out to various city locations July 4th to get signatures.  Also we plan a major drive throughout the city get out the petitions next Saturday July 12th, beginning at 10 am in the NO EAST MALL food court for a quick snack/coffee gathering (from there we will travel to targets around the city, then end up at a picnic in Joe Brown Park probably).

      Even if you can't accompany us on 1 of these days, please return the petition forms so we have enough use when we go out on these event days. CC and I really appreciate your efforts, no matter how many signatures you have gotten.   Keep in mind we are also looking for donations from individuals (call me if you have any prospects or donations).  Checks can be made to: Committee to Elect CC Campbell-Rock to BESE.

      I'll be at the CAFTA coalition meeting tomorrow night, so I can pick up some there.

      If you believe you can still get more signatures, let me know so I can know that you will keep the forms a while longer.

      Thanks so much.

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