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    Sorry, last time, I swear! ****** Forwarded Message Follows ******* Hello Everyone, I had problems with getting this out to people. For some reason, even it I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2003
      Sorry, last time, I swear!
      ****** Forwarded Message Follows *******

      Hello Everyone,
      I had problems with getting this out to people. For
      some reason, even it I use a rtf format people can't
      read this attachment. So I am putting it in an email
      form. If you are on NWSA organizing committee and you
      know someone who has not signed up or has not recieved
      a letter please forward this to them with my
      apologies. Like or Jes, Kate! Thanks!

      People interested in attending the NWSA conference on
      June 21st, 2003 at the Radisson Hotel on Canal, for
      the first ever Activist Day need to fill out this form
      and return it to me no later than June 6th. There are
      spaces still available and I really need to fill them
      up! What you can do is read this letter, check your
      calendar to see if you are free for the 21st and then
      send it back to me. Just hit reply and fill in the
      blanks located at the end of the letter.

      On the big day you will have a name tag available for
      you and with it you can attend many great sessions on
      activism, local and national, the film and writers
      series and be able to meet up with many people, it is
      a great way to network!

      I really hope to hear back from everyone with an
      overwhelming response, you should all be very proud of
      your accomplishments as activist and we would like to
      honor you!

      And one more thing if you are interested in looking at
      the panels and speakers that will be presenting on
      that day, go to www.nwsa.org. The schedule is not
      finalized but it is close!

      As I receive emails back from everyone I will respond
      and let you know if you got it in on time before
      spaces are no longer available. Good luck!

      Colleen Barker
      NWSA Adminstrative Assistant

      Dear Community Activist:

      The local organizing committee and the General
      Council of the National Women's Studies Association
      invite you to participate in this year's conference in
      New Orleans. The conference has designated Saturday,
      June 21st as Activist Day and is providing a limited
      number of scholarships for the registration fees for
      community leaders and activists.

      NWSA is a multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic, and
      multi-racial organization of national and
      international scholars whose research and writings
      across the social sciences and the humanities is
      breaking down the barriers of gender, race, and class.
      The conference represents an exciting opportunity for
      you to have access to the cutting edge ideas about
      women in society today and to infuse these ideas into
      your own work.

      On Saturday, we have a panel of local activists as
      well as one with Kim Gandy of NOW, Gloria Feldt,
      President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America,
      and Mary Lee Orr, Louisiana Environmental Action
      Network. There are also numerous caucuses and task
      forces focusing on such topics as aging, disabilities,
      education, women of color, eco-feminism, science and
      technology, as well as a writers� series, a book
      exhibit, an international arts and crafts fair, and a
      film series. A copy of the registration flyer is
      enclosed for your information.

      To register for the one-day scholarship, just return
      the form below to the Loyola Women�s Resource Center
      by the deadline, June 6. We look forward to seeing
      you at the conference.

      Yours in Sisterhood,

      Susanne Dietzel, Director Alice Abel Kemp
      Loyola Women�s Resource Center Professor Emeritus,
      University of New Orleans

      For more information, please call, or email us at

      Request for Activist Scholarship: Deadline: June
      6, 2003






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