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  • The Urban Conservancy
    *The Urban Conservancy Biweekly Update* January 22, 2003 In this issue: *Stuart Hall Update *Readers Write *News Roundup ... STUART HALL UPDATE Last week,
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      *The Urban Conservancy Biweekly Update*
      January 22, 2003

      In this issue:

      *Stuart Hall Update
      *Readers Write
      *News Roundup


      Last week, Stuart Hall School's expansion hit
      a roadblock -- although one they hope to barrel
      their Humvee over by getting Councilmember Batt
      to overrule the Historic District Landmarks
      Commission (HDLC). The Housing Conservation
      District Review committee (HCDRC) voted
      unanimously to deny Stuart Hall's request to
      demolish three houses, two at Spruce and 1 at
      Panola in order to expand their school into
      the residential fabric in this Carrollton

      But these guys won't go away easily, and they are
      expected to appeal this decision as well as the
      HDLC's landmark status of the 8142 and 8132 Panola

      In other news, another neighborhood association
      has joined the protest of Stuart Hall's expansion.
      The Upper Carrollton Resident's Association has
      lent their voices to the calls to stop Stuart
      Hall's incursion on residential space.

      Take Action!

      Stuart Hall representatives are expected to make
      their move at the next city council meeting.
      Save These Houses and the Urban Conservancy urge
      public attendance and comment on this issue.

      Send an e-mail to Jay Batt and urge him to do the right
      thing by the community and protect the landmark status
      of the other homes. Other alternatives are available.

      Click here to send an e-mail to Councilmember Batt:

      TALK BACK!

      Feel free to respond to the Urban Conservancy.
      We can't reply to everything, but we will look
      at each message. We especially welcome any tips
      or updates that are relevant to protecting New
      Orleans' greatest asset--its urban fabric. Respond
      to us at editor@...


      The Murals On Canal Street...Houses Anchor Neighborhood
      Near Stuart Hall School...Abandoned and Adjudicated
      Housing Sales



      Plan Aims To Ease 9th Ward Problems...Mayor Aims To
      Grow Population of Washington D.C...Boston Residents
      Fight HOPE VI...NJ Governor Targets Sprawl As Major
      Concern (thanks for the link, Ian!)...Sprawl as an
      Issue For Conservatives? (thanks for the link,



      Edward Melendez
      Geoff Coats

      The Urban Conservancy

      Do not wait; the time will never be "just right." Start
      where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may
      have at your command, and better tools will be found as
      you go along.
      -Napoleon Hill
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