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Fwd: Rolling Thunder Tour coming to N.O.

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  • Edward Melendez
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2002
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      >Subject: Rolling Thunder Tour coming to N.O.
      >Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 10:31:21 -0500
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      >Hey all -
      >Interesting opportunity on the horizon, and wanted to invite you along. I
      >was at a small meeting last week with a man named Mike Dolan, who is the
      >Exec Director of the Rolling Thunder Downhome Democracy Tour. This is a
      >festival tour started by libertarian Jim Hightower, and so far it has been
      >to Austin and Chicago. There's bands (national and local), food, beer,
      >games, and the whole thing has an undercurrent of political education, with
      >speakers and workshops and tabling. It's supposed to be a fun, pop culture
      >way of getting progressive groups together.
      >They're hoping to sponsor a festival stop in New Orleans, at Armstrong Park,
      >on October 26. They've already talked to Gambit and WWOZ and some local
      >bands. Now they're looking to see if there's enough willingness to help
      >organize the event locally. So tomorrow (Wed 7/23) there's a meeting of
      >interested folks at the Acorn office 1016 Elysian Fields, by St. Claude
      >(it's actually a little house next door to the big office) at 7 PM.
      >I know many of you are already deep involved in the Critical Resistance
      >South planning, but it's an interesting outreach idea. Here's the site for
      >the Rolling Thunder tour. www.rollingthundertour.org They are hoping to
      >highlight the water privatization efforts here in town.
      >Theresa Meisz
      >Outreach Director
      >The Moratorium Campaign
      >(504) 864-1071
      >Organizing Against the Death Penalty
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