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D.C. medical marijuana drive starts -- please help!

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    From: Rob@mpp.org Reply-To: Rob@mpp.org To: heavy7no@hotmail.com Subject: D.C. medical marijuana drive starts -- please help! Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 20:47:27
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      From: Rob@...
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      Subject: D.C. medical marijuana drive starts -- please help!
      Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 20:47:27 -0400
      Dear Friend,
      As reported in today's Washington Post, the Marijuana Policy project
      is now legally permitted to collect signatures to place our medical
      marijuana initiative on the ballot in our nation's capital. Would you
      please help us in one of three ways?
      We must collect 40,000 total signatures (which translates into 20,000
      valid signatures) in D.C. between now and July 7. This is a monumental
      to gathering 200 signatures per day for 20 days, starting
      immediately? We will pay for your round-trip plane ticket, provide
      you with a hotel room, and pay you $2 per valid signature. (200
      total signatures per day translates into about 100 valid
      signatures per day, which means you would be paid about $200 per
      Please call MPP's Kat DeBurgh at 202-462-5747 ext. 101 if you are
      interested in earning about $4,000 in three weeks. Those who are
      willing to fly to D.C. within the next two days will be given
      preferential treatment.
      2. VOLUNTEER IN D.C.: If you already have a full-time job and live
      near D.C., would you please volunteer to collect 120 signatures
      between now and July 7? The training session will take about one
      hour, and you can collect 120 signatures in about five hours by
      standing outside of a Metro stop or a supermarket. The first
      training session is tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00 p.m. at Armand's
      Pizza at 226 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, on Capitol Hill. Please
      sign up at http://www.mpp.org/dcinitiative/volunteer.html if you
      can come to this training or a future training, where you will be
      given free pizza and a free medical marijuana T-shirt to wear
      while gathering signatures.
      3. DONATE TO PAY FOR SIGNATURE DRIVE: If you aren't able to collect
      signatures on a volunteer or paid basis, would you be willing to
      donate money so that others may be paid $2 per valid signature?
      Please donate at http://www.mpp.org/dcinitiative/contribute.html
      at your earliest convenience.
      In 1998, D.C. voters passed a medical marijuana initiative with 69% of
      the vote. Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) and other hard-line drug
      warriors in Congress kept this initiative from taking effect, then
      barred D.C. residents from ever voting on the issue again -- trampling
      on the will of the voters and the rights of patients.
      Three months ago, MPP beat Rep. Barr and the U.S. Justice Department
      in federal court, winning the right to run a new medical marijuana
      initiative in D.C.
      And one week ago in D.C. Superior Court, MPP successfully defended the
      initiative from a legal challenge by a team of local activists who
      were trying to prevent the signature drive from starting.
      Finally, yesterday, the local D.C. government gave us our petitions.
      We must now collect 40,000 total signatures between now and July 7. If
      we do, D.C. voters will surely pass our medical marijuana initiative
      this November, which means Congress will have to debate and vote on
      whether it will allow the local medical marijuana law to take effect
      ... or whether Congress will overturn the will of the voters.
      We must gather 2,000 signatures a day for 20 days -- from June 16 to
      July 7, with a one-day break on July 4 -- in order to qualify our
      measure for the November ballot.
      This is a monumental effort. Would you please help in one of the three
      ways listed above? Thank you!

      In urgency,


      Rob Kampia
      Executive Director
      Marijuana Policy Project
      Washington, D.C.
      P.S. To send a check in the mail, please direct it to MPP's Medical
      Marijuana Initiative, P.O. Box 77492, Washington, D.C. 20013.
      Thanks again!

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