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Pro-choice Activists Needed!!

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  • latishalegrande
    The anti-choice brigade is invading our city. They re bringing their troops with them to shut down our clinics. We re not going to let that happen. July 10-14
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2002
      The anti-choice brigade is invading our city.
      They're bringing their troops with them to shut down our clinics.
      We're not going to let that happen.
      July 10-14 the American Life League is holding their annual conference
      "Celebration of Life World Family Conference" at the Superdome &
      Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans. Thousands of anti-choice
      activists will come
      to our city to attend workshops such as:

      a.. "Fighting Planned Parenthood"
      b.. "Reaching the Abortionists"
      c.. "Pro-Life Street Activities"
      d.. "Sex Education: Roots of Abortion"
      e.. "Sidewalk Counseling"
      Our clinics may be used as a training ground for anti-choice
      activities. We
      expect an onslaught of protesters at our Planned Parenthood clinic
      and local
      abortion clinics. We want to be prepared with escorts to help
      patients get
      inside without hassle.


      All escorts must go through a training. Please join us for a training
      by Planned
      Parenthood's national security staff. Lunch will be provided after
      the training.

      What: Clinic Escort Training
      When: Saturday, June 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
      Where: Planned Parenthood Magazine Street Health Center, 4018
      Please RSVP to christina.kucera@... or 504-821-5423, ext. 205

      If you would like to volunteer as an escort but cannot attend the
      June 22
      training, would like to help us prepare for the conference, or have
      questions or concerns please contact me. Below you will find a
      profile on the
      American Life League.


      American Life League (ALL)
      P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555, (540) 659-4171, www.all.org
      Annual Income as of January 2001 - $7,273,230

      Founded on April 1, 1979, by five families, including that of the
      president, Judie Brown. Brown had previously worked for the National
      Right to
      Life Committee (NRLC). When the NRLC president was forced from
      office, Brown
      organized ALL with the financial support of a contact from NRLC.

      Judie Brown, president and founder. A practicing Catholic, she is
      married to
      Paul A. Brown. They have been involved in the anti-choice movement
      since 1969.

      250,000 members

      Tax-exempt category

      ALL is opposed to

      a.. abortion
      b.. cloning
      c.. comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality education
      d.. contraception
      e.. federal funding for family planning
      f.. fetal tissue/stem cell research
      g.. homosexuality
      h.. international family planning
      i.. living wills
      j.. organ donation
      k.. Planned Parenthood and the International Planned Parenthood
      l.. reproductive technology - artificial insemination and in vitro
      m.. right to die
      n.. welfare reform
      ALL supports

      a.. abortion bans
      b.. abstinence until marriage
      c.. fasting
      d.. Human Life Amendment
      e.. natural family planning within marriage
      f.. parental notification laws

      a.. conventions/meetings - training sessions and seminars
      b.. crisis pregnancy counseling/centers
      c.. frivolous malpractice ·suits against abortion providers
      d.. harassment and intimidation of clinic clients and employees
      e.. leafleting students with misinformation and other anti-choice
      f.. litigation - ALL challenged the Freedom of Access to Clinic
      Entrances Act
      (FACE) on First Amendment grounds, but lost its suit
      g.. lobbying
      h.. outreach programs for youth
      i.. prayer and worship demonstrations
      j.. campaigns - ALL falsely claims that emergency contraception,
      the Pill,
      Depo-Provera®, and Norplant® are unsafe abortifacients and abortion
      breast cancer and severe psychological trauma
      k.. publications - All Good News (bimonthly newsletter), Celebrate
      (bimonthly magazine), Communiqué (periodic newsletter)
      l.. "sidewalk counseling" - harassment of clients at women's health
      clinics speakers' bureau
      ALL also has several divisions that work to further their anti-choice

      a.. American Bioethics Advisory Commission evaluates biomedical
      technology. It
      has deemed invitro fertilization, cloning, and stem cell and fetal
      research "unethical" based on anti-choice ideology.
      b.. Dentists for Life is a group that mobilizes dentists to fight
      against the
      continued legalization and availability of abortion. All members vow
      to organize
      at least one protest or other anti-choice activity in their
      c.. Rachel's Vineyard is a program that holds retreats for women
      and men to
      deal with the alleged shame and fear of abortion.
      d.. STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood), led by Jim Sedlak, is devoted
      solely to
      opposing the programs, services, and presence of Planned Parenthood in
      communities nationwide.
      e.. Why Life? is the youth outreach division of ALL. Some of its
      include protesting clinics, disseminating misinformation brochures,
      boycotting pro-choice businesses and rock bands. It also includes
      Rock for Life,
      which uses music and the promotion of anti-choice bands to promote
      its mission.

      f.. World Life League, led by Mark DeYoung, which works to limit
      access to abortion worldwide by supporting anti-choice organizations
      in other
      countries and by seeking to influence international policy by
      lobbying the
      United Nations.

      American Life League Web site. (2000, accessed June 20).

      Associations Unlimited [Online]. (2000, accessed July 20). The Gale
      Available: GaleNet.

      Contemporary Newsmakers 1986. (1987). Detroit: Gale Research.

      Wilcox, Derk Arend, ed. (1997). The Right Guide: A Guide to
      Conservative and
      Right-of-Center Organizations, 3rd ed. Ann Arbor, MI: Economics
      America, Inc.


      Thank you for your commitment to protecting choice.

      Christina Kucera
      Director of Public Affairs
      Planned Parenthood of Louisiana/Mississippi Delta
      2601 Tulane Avenue, Suite 701
      New Orleans, LA 70119
      Phone: 504-821-5423, ext. 205
      Fax: 504-821-9721
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