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Living Wage Update from ACORN

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  • Bart Everson
    ... From: Louisiana ACORN Subject: Living Wage Update To: Louisiana ACORN New Orleans Living Wage Campaign *
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      Subject: Living Wage Update
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      New Orleans Living Wage Campaign * Update January 4, 2002

      HOT Off the Grapevine!

      * Our ballot initiative is called Proposition A and is listed first after all
      of the candidates. This will be the same on all of the ballots in Orleans
      Parish. Actual sample ballots will be mailed from the Secretary of State’s
      office 1-225-342-4970 around Jan. 10; just ring them if you want them to
      mail you one.
      * Troy Carter has told "us" that he is running ads with the living wage issue
      in them.
      * Scott Shea did not receive what would have been a near automatic
      endorsement from the GNO AFL-CIO, due to his nasty anti-living wage letter
      delivered at the City Council meeting placing the living wage on the
      * This Sunday, Jan. 6, the TP Money section will feature a large article on
      the living wage, covered by Stewart Yerton.
      * An editor at the TP said that his priest is obliquely pushing support for
      the living wage campaign!
      * In the presence of the TP reporter, the president of Harrah’s said that he
      was in favor of it, but refused to be quoted.
      * The business community is now citing Prof. Pollin’s study and saying that
      we will lose 100 businesses, but they won’t cite the fact that Pollin’s
      study says the city still benefits more from the increase; they include
      raising prices as a consequence. They suggest that the Earned Income Tax
      Credit (EITC), is the way to help the working poor – That is, asking the
      federal government to subsidize businesses that won’t pay living wages.
      * Tom Weatherly, as the Small Business Coaltion to Save Jobs, is calling
      business groups now to organize for the final leg of their campaign against
      us. He is using loss of jobs and Sept. 11 as his organizing handles for
      mobilizing their support.
      * 1200 Orleans Parish residents signed up as Committee of 1000 Volunteers for
      the Living Wage and have done phoning, flyering or are doing other campaign
      related work.
      * 168 volunteers have agreed to work at the polls from 8 a.m. – noon handing
      out flyers for the living wage campaign on Feb. 2; more volunteers are
      needed. Call 943-0044 for a precinct near you or yours!
      * Living Wage Media packages cost $150 and include 2 primetime radio ads on
      Clear Channel stations and a very large plastic sign at the location of
      your choice; (Jesse Jackson is considering being our voice). Order one now!
      Call Steve Bradberry 943-0044 x 112
      * Upcoming Living Wage Events –

      1-8 Tues. - Mayoral candidate forum at Loyola Law School, 526 Pine St.
      hosted by Bread for the World, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

      1-17 Thurs. - Living Wage forum at Dillard University, Stern
      Amphitheater – 6:30 p.m. Sponsored by the Society of Intellectual
      Thought and LA ACORN.

      . 1-19 Sat. - Living Wage March and Caravan from Dillard parking lot
      following CLU Meeting

      Every Saturday Living Wage caravans have been very popular. 11am at
      ACORN, 1024 Elysian Fields. To drive or ride in one, call 943-0044
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