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For any art-minded person seeking a job!

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    This is for anyone who is in Fine Arts or just into doing art. ....and may God bless us all. Daniel ... Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at
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      This is for anyone who is in Fine Arts or just into doing art.

      ....and may God bless us all.



      >From: Rebecca O'Flynn
      >To: Rebecca O'Flynn
      >CC: Mary Len Costa
      >Subject: Percent For Art COMMUNITY OUTREACH 2001
      >Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:24:22 -0500
      >Just in case you did not receive the mailing! We look forward to hearing
      >from you!
      > <<...>>
      >Making the Arts Matter
      >Public Art Program - Arts Council of New Orleans
      > - CALL TO ARTISTS -
      >Submission Deadline: OCTOBER 25, 2001
      >The Public Art Program of the Arts Council of New Orleans announces a
      >Percent For Art Community Outreach project for 2001. Supported through
      >funding generated by 1% of eligible municipal capital bonds, the Percent For
      >Art Program has evolved over the past 14 years into one that includes
      >commissioned work, purchase of existing artwork, community outreach and
      >education initiatives. A major component of the 2001 activities is the
      >selection of two artists or two teams of artists to complete the following
      >Project Description
      >Community Outreach 2001 will place two [2] Artist-in-Residences with
      >schools, community centers, or neighborhood organizations to produce
      >community-specific sculptures, murals, banners, street furniture, park
      >enhancements, etc. to be determined with community input and refined by the
      >selected artists and approved by the Percent For Art Committee and staff,
      >and specific City of New Orleans' agencies.
      >* Increase an awareness of public art throughout the community;
      >* Provide more community involvement in the decision making and
      >fabrication of public art;
      >* Gain diversity in projects and constituents represented in the
      >public art process;
      >* Enhance communities through unique, community-designed "public art"
      >elements, providing identity and ownership for local residents while
      >defining their neighborhood and telling the community story;
      >* Produce a positive impact upon participating community; their
      >outlook, aspirations & motivations.
      >* Area participants also include the constituents of the Gert Town
      >NORD Pool, Ceolia Bolden Memorial Child Care Center, and the Mandeville
      >Detiege Health Center
      >* Algiers Point - Algiers Point Organization & "Confetti Kids"
      >* Community Outreach 2001 is one project with two components. Working
      >with community partners, each component will define needs of the respective
      >community through artwork that identifies and enhances the living
      >environment of the selected community.
      >* Requests for Qualifications sent to Orleans Parish artists for
      >response. Artists from the participating communities are strongly encouraged
      >to apply.
      >* Jury to review responses and select semi-finalists for interview.
      >Artists/artists' teams to be selected based upon following criteria:
      >a) Willingness to be responsive to the selected community and/or proven
      >ability to work collaboratively with school-aged youths, parents, teachers,
      >seniors, and community organizations;
      >b) Ability to consider community site within the context of the
      >surrounding environment;
      >c) Expression of interest in this project through clear and concise
      >proposal presentation;
      >d) Mastery of proposed materials; and
      >e) Quality of personal work presented [preferably in slide format] for
      >jury review.
      >* Working with the ACNO staff, chosen artists will interact and inform
      >community residents about the public art process and this project in
      >particular. Artists will assess the community needs and desires; and, with
      >intense community input, design artwork to be completed with community
      >* The proposed artwork might be a sculpture; mural; or streetscape
      >improvements such as street furniture, fencing, gate/entrance way, play
      >equipment or landscaping; depending on the desires and needs of the area.
      >* Artists will present the final design proposals to the community and
      >the Jury. Note: All proposed artwork components of this project require the
      >review and approval of the Jury, the Percent For Art Committee and
      >necessary city agencies before final artwork fabrication and installation.
      >Approval of final projects will reflect long established Percent For Art
      >Public Art Program goals to acquire artworks in a range of forms, styles,
      >media and sizes from a variety of artists and cultural traditions,
      >reflecting the fabric of our community and the unique aspects of its people,
      >heritage, and physical environment.
      >* Fabrication to be undertaken by the artist/artists teams with
      >participation of the community partner working in a pre-determined community
      >location and/or artist's studio as needed. The resulting artwork will vary
      >in each neighborhood and more directly reflect its area residents. Artists
      >will meet together regularly with ACNO Public Art staff, and invite
      >community participants from the other participating community to view public
      >art process in their community throughout the project.
      >* Upon completion of the project, ACNO Public Art and PR/Marketing
      >staff will publicize the artwork and the community involvement. A temporary
      >exhibition of project plans and maquettes may take place simultaneously with
      >the permanent placement in selected location where artwork was created.
      >Permanent locations selected in collaboration with city agencies as needed.
      >* October 4: Mailing of Call to Artists
      >* October 11 - 5:30pm: Informational Meeting for Interested Artists
      >* October 25 - 5:30pm: Submission Deadline
      >* October 29: Jury Review
      >* October 31: Semi-Finalists Interviews and Final
      >Decision by Jury
      >* November 5: Project begins - Artists On-site
      >through December 2001
      >* JURY
      >* Charlene Lowther, Director, New Orleans Recreation Department
      >* Sheila J. Webb, RN, MS, Director - City of New Orleans Health
      >* Diana Richards, Community Representative, Algiers Point Association
      >* Ron Bechet, Chairman, Xavier Fine Arts Department & Gert Town
      >Community Partner
      >* Jack Cochran, Cashio Cochran, LLC- NORD Project Architect
      >* BUDGET
      >* Two [2] projects @ $10,000 each.
      >* ARTIST FEE
      >* A Percent For Art fee of $10,000 will be awarded per community
      >component. This fee covers artist's time [at least 100 hrs. required] for
      >community interaction, design and fabrication, presentation to required
      >committees and city agencies; as well as materials, fabrication,
      >installation, and documentation expenses. Artists will be required to
      >submit a budget draft in the final proposal stage and maintain accounting
      >records throughout project.
      >Artists who reside in Orleans Parish/ City of New Orleans may apply.
      >Artists from the selected communities [Gert Town and Algiers] are strongly
      >encouraged to apply.
      >Please provide the following information:
      >1) Letter of Interest in this project. Include descriptions of
      >previous community involvement or commissioned artwork, if any. If desired,
      >state preferred area for this project and why.
      >2) Current Updated Artist Resume or Resumes of all members of Artists'
      >* Artist's full name, current address, phone number, and if available,
      >* Include relevant information such as education, exhibitions, public
      >art projects, awards, publications, etc.
      >1) No more than 10 slides representing artist's or total artists'
      >team's work. Please submit slides in a slide sheet; each slide must be
      >labeled with artist's name and a slide key further describing the artwork.
      >2) Artist's Statement - Optional / on a separate sheet of 8� " x 11"
      > An artist's statement briefly explains the artist's philosophy, the
      >general aim of the artist's work or working process, and/or what the artist
      >has expressed in the artwork. An effective artist statement explains how
      >the artist's process and imagery carry out the artist's intent.
      >Percent For Art Community Outreach Project
      >Arts Council of New Orleans
      >225 Baronne Street Suite 1712
      >New Orleans, LA 70112
      >All application must be received by the Arts Council by 5 p.m. October 25,
      >2001. First Class mailed applications must be postmarked no later than
      >midnight on day before deadline to be accepted.

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