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Survey Completion Request, Office Fun/Work, Treme Fest, So Much More...

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  • rylnwrld@yahoo.com
    Ever body, Remember, as always, please return your surveys that you ve received by e-mail or other means as soon as possible, if at all possible. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001

      Remember, as always, please return your surveys that you've received
      by e-mail or other means as soon as possible, if at all possible. If
      you didn't receive a survey or if you're unable to complete the
      online version, I will gladly get one to you, just let me know. you
      should be receiving one through the mail within a few weeks.
      Completion of these surveys will go miles in helping us to get far
      more organized and coherent as a strong political force to be dealt
      with, so again, please submit completed forms when possible, as there
      are not much more than 100 days till the February 2 ballot.

      Also, tomorrow, Friday, 10/12, four of us so far will be getting our
      office furnished up, getting it ready to go. We could definitely
      still use some help, so definitely come out and help if at all
      possible. The plan is to have people out there any times between
      10am-3pm, so swing on by when possible.

      A notice about Treme Fest; the new annual event gets underway again
      in one of America's oldest neighborhoods, and it will surely provide
      an excellent opportunity to promote the Green Party and causes that
      we believe in, so come out and work with me at this important event.
      I'm undecided as to which times I'd like to go out, so just call and
      let me know if you'd like to go and I'll just try to coordinate with
      those interested in going out. I think that the times are roughly
      1pm-6pm on Saturday & Sunday, when the music will be going on.
      Evidently stuff goes on Thursday and Friday also, but I'm not
      presently up on the details of those days.

      And PLEASE contact, or I'll possibly be contacting you, about getting
      an awesome all-out, citywide campaign in advance of the February 2
      ballot, where we could be getting out words about the Green Party and
      the causes that we endorse and why people have reasons to appreciate
      and work with us. On October 25, that would be the first of 100 days
      leading up to the Feb. 2 ballot, so we need to get together quickly
      to make it a success.

      And as always, please volunteer your own personal input on directing
      your Orleans Greens.

      Many Thanks,

      Steve G
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