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Minutues (10.7.01)

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  • Jason Neville
    Greens: GNOGP Meeting/Green Kitchen October 7, 2001 Attendance: (33) Antionette Harell-Miller, Michael Kaplan, Bart Everson, Joe Wagner, Leora Rapping,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2001

      GNOGP Meeting/Green Kitchen
      October 7, 2001

      Attendance: (33) Antionette Harell-Miller, Michael Kaplan, Bart Everson, Joe Wagner, Leora Rapping, Caroline Christopher, Malik Rahim, John Clark, Chester Simmons, Katrin Redfern, Jason Lope De Haro-Salleh, Joshua Scaif, Evan Garcen, John Coffee, Benjamin Hearst, Daniel Thompson, Dan Thompson, Donna Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Ravi Vadzamuoi, Holly Murphy, Jason Neville, Steven Godfrey, Paul Neilson, Tonya Jordan, Lily Jordan Pete Gollnick, Heather Morgan, Teresea Fernandez, Deborah, Karli Frankic, Clarence Hunt, Ron Nabonne

      Sunday�s meeting was by any accounts an excellent one. Great food, lots of interested people, great speakers, interesting topics and also we sorted through some important issues for our group.

      Many, many thanks to Mike Kaplan (meeting host/chef), Pete Gollnick (chef), and Steve Godfrey for working so hard the past week to make the meeting a success. So much happened at this meeting that the minutes are as concise as possible.


      Anti Third Term: Ron Nabonne and Clarence Hunt spoke on behalf on their anti-third term groups (Citrizens to Save our Charter and Citizens to Preserve our Charter, respectively). They addressed the issues of maintaining term limits to discourage machine politics and excessive power and gave ways for Greens to help with the campaign [against the charter change] including poll monitoring, election monitoring, sending out cards reminding people to vote against the measure, and phone banking. About seven Greens signed up to be a Poll Monitor on the election day, October 20th (Sat) and Tonya Jordan volunteered to help send cards to our membership and contact list. Ron Nabonne: 529-2533 Clarence Hunt: 599-5989

      Uptown Wal-Mart: Karli Frankic from the Urban Conservancy discussed economic, social and aesthetic impact of the proposed Wal-Mart uptown. She mentioned increasing suburbanization, traffic and resident displacement as problems with the project. She suggested getting involved with the Urban Conservancy�s efforts to oppose the project by calling Michelle Kimball 581-7032

      Agenda Items:

      Treasury: Art Carpenter reported a balance of about $1000, though the money from Sunday had not yet been counted.

      Office: Steve Godfrey reported that the office will be ready no later than Nov 1st, and that there will be general cleaning Tue-Fri from 9-5 until then. Owner Ron Fowler and assistant Neal Guidry are hoping that Greens will come out and put in some time for the new space. Steve also suggested a Halloween fundraiser (similar to Apocalypse Ball). Call Steve Godfrey 486-5134

      WebSite: Bart announced an unofficial, prototype website for Green thought and interactivity: green.rox.com/nuke/ (no www.)

      Kingian Non-Violence Training: Bart also announced that the Greens should sponsor a two-day nonviolence training by the King Center of Altanta. He estimates a contribution of about $100. The trainings can hold 28 people ($30 fee per person). We might need to prepare some lunches as well. Email Bart Everson bpeverso@...

      Newsletter: Tonya announces that due to her knew full time job (mother) she won�t be able to put together �Green Notes� newsletter as expected. She volunteered to create a monthly Green calendar for distribution. Call Tonya Jordan 318-219-8352 (Shreveport)

      Time/Place of Next Meeting: Sun October 21st, 5PM @ New Office (7930 Palm behind 5 Happiness on S. Carollton) Remember, there�s no toilets there! J

      Peace Activities: Daniel Thompson announced his event �Skateboarders for Peace� in Audubon Park was successful, and it will be shown on public access TV next month (via Bart Everson) Daniel also shared his website address: peaceandtruth.org By the way, Daniel is eleven years old.

      A CC meeting will be held this week to go over some of the unresolved business in a smaller group. All interested members are invited. Meeting will be announced soon.


      Jason Neville
      GNOGP Secretary

      Make a difference, help support the relief efforts in the U.S.
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