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Minutes (4.22.01)

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  • Jason Neville
    Here are the minutes of our last meeting. Tonya did a great job as secretary pro tempore . Also included as a micro$oft document. jason neville, secretary
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      Here are the minutes of our last meeting. Tonya did a great job as
      "secretary pro tempore". Also included as a micro$oft document.

      jason neville, secretary

      Minutes from the 4/22/01 general meeting

      Items of Old Business:
      -Reimbursement for Dylan Barr re: Turning Point Road Show
      -Committee Structure
      -E-list talks
      -May Day rally endorsement
      -Office relocation
      -ACORN letter re: strikers in Seattle, etc.
      -State coordinating committee meeting
      -Entergy report

      Items for New Business:
      -Making an all-purpose GNOGP banner

      Secretary Jason Neville reported that he had lost the last page of the
      minutes from the last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were
      nevertheless accepted.

      Time, place and facilitator for next meeting: Motion that the next meeting
      be held on Sunday, May 6, at 7PM at the current office-- passes. Jason
      Neville will facilitate.


      -Report on the FTAA rally which took place the day before
      -Entergy action on Monday, April 23, at 7AM
      -No Green Kitchen

      Motion to move "office relocation" up to the first item under
      Old business-- passes.

      Old Business:

      1. Office relocation.
      More details were given regarding the two potential sites of the
      New GNOGP office. Nothing was presented in writing, however.

      Hope House-- $180/mo; first two months rent waived; no lease; 60-day notice
      prior to leaving. Contact: Don Everard at 525-2561.
      Warehouse-- $300/mo; $450 accrued in "sweat equity"; standard 6-month
      renewable lease; use of warehouse space for public events (where tickets are
      sold) would require insurance fee; Steve will sign the lease if we decide to
      move in.

      Motion to limit comments to 2 minutes per turn for this discussion-- passes.

      Motion to vote on warehouse.
      Motion withdrawn

      Les Evenchick proposed that no lease be signed prior to being presented to
      the general membership for approval.

      Motion to move into warehouse when it is ready-- passes with 6
      in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention.

      2. Reimbursement of Dylan Barr
      Motion to send a home-made thank-you card to Dylan on behalf of the GNOGP--
      passes. Bart Everson volunteers to make and send the card.

      3. Committee Structure
      Motion to declare any committee that has not made a report for two
      consecutive general
      meetings "defunct." Motion to table above motion until the next meeting--
      passes. Motion that the discussion of committee structure will be the main
      topic of the next general meeting, i.e. first item on the agenda after
      announcements-- passes.

      4. E-lists
      Motion to establish an Orleans Greens discussion e-list. Amendment: That
      Les will establish and moderate said list. Amendment accepted as friendly;
      motion passes. Les will bring more detailed information to the next general

      5. May Day Rally Endorsement
      Motion to endorse May Day Rally without endorsing the specific demands of
      the May Day Organizing Committee-- passes.

      Break to evaluate and prioritize the rest of the agenda.
      Motion to move discussion of the all-purpose banner to the next
      meeting-- passes.

      6. ACORN Letter
      Jason sent a letter to Wade Rathke and had yet to receive a response.
      Discussion tabled
      to the next general meeting.

      7. State coordinating committee meeting
      All locals asked to vote on the State committee's recommendation for voting
      requirements at the state convention. State committee recommends that only
      persons who have filled out a membership form
      and attended at least one local meeting prior to the convention be allowed
      to vote at the convention.
      GNOGP approves, but only with the following proviso: that each local must
      keep records of all persons attending each local general meeting.

      Motion for facilitator to read announcements at the beginning of each
      general meeting. Announcements must be submitted to the facilitator at or
      before the beginning of the meeting-- passes.

      Motion to set quorum for a meeting at 10 members-- passes.

      Meeting adjourned!

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