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3923RE: Message not approved: Fossil Gaps 12

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  • Dave Oldridge
    Sep 1 1:32 PM
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      > Sent: Sunday, September 01, 2013 11:47 AM
      > To: Dave Oldridge
      > Subject: Message not approved: Fossil Gaps 12
      > lol--you've never been able to debate any creationist son--we all know why

      There can be no debate with Satanist liars like you. There is nothing to
      debate with you. You want to go to hell and will let nothing stop you. You
      certainly have never even TRIED to debate the science. All you do is block
      my posts to your pet lie list and the boast that you won. You are a
      despicable LIAR and you need to repent your MANY sins. If you would rather
      go to hell, then why don't you just GO?


      Dave Oldridge