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3916RE: Message not approved: Funny one on Oldridge

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  • Dave Oldridge
    Aug 21, 2013
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      From: Beetlebrain Troll [mailto:tinroad6g@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 8:00 PM
      To: Dave Oldridge
      Subject: Re: Message not approved: Funny one on Oldridge

      once again you were given a chance to post your evidence and failed--sop for
      those who believe the magic monkey myth

      Once again Mr. G. shows that he is unable to recognize anything resembling
      actual evidence. That is one of the risks of creationism. It saps the mind
      of any ability to think clearly while destroying the victim's moral compass
      entirely. You, Mr. G., have indicated that you PREFER hell to
      reconciliation with Almighty God. It is therefore a sure thing that you do
      not represent God at all. And your representation of your father in hell is
      pretty poor one as well. Your outright lies and libels are too transparent
      to convince anyone not already besotted with the devil.

      You have ZERO chance of converting me away from genuine Christianity to your
      devil-cult, so just give it up. And your master is no doubt upset at you
      for being such a poor liar as to be utterly transparent. You are, in short,
      either a devout worshipper of Satan, pretending falsely to be a Christian in
      order to lure victims into paths of unrighteousness or you are a victim of
      narcisstic personality disorder, Either way, you need help. Now
      confession, they say, is good for the soul. Those who use the sacrament of
      reconciliation properly have far fewer psychological disorders than those
      who, like you, think that it's OK to sin on for ever.

      I have given you about as much help as is possible via email. You need some
      hands-on exorcism by a real priest.


      Dave Oldridge

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