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3915RE: Message not approved: Funny one on Oldridge

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  • Dave Oldridge
    Aug 21, 2013
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      > you failed to show why you think it's a myth

      There are only two possibilities permitted by the REAL physical evidence:
      1. Genesis is just plain wrong.
      2. Genesis is sacred mythology and creationists have misinterpreted it.

      Take your pick or make up some lie to cover your bare naked derriere. It's
      all the same to me. You are not my spiritual responsibility, thankfully.
      That, I am happy to say, is something I am happy to leave to you and
      whatever (if any) spiritual mentors you have.

      Of course Genesis need not be a single genre. It has at least 3, possibly 4
      authors. In its present form it was cobbled together around the 6th or 7th
      century BC from earlier written and oral sources.


      Dave Oldridge
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