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120 Years After Darwin!

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  • Laurie Appleton
    LA A highly qualified and respected evolutionist confessed the following; ... It must be significant that nearly all the evolutionary stories I learned as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2013
      LA> A highly qualified and respected evolutionist confessed the following;

      "It must be significant that nearly all the
      evolutionary stories I learned as a student, from
      Trueman's Ostrea/ Gryphaea to Carruthers' Zaphrentis
      delanouei, have now been "debunked". Similarly, my
      own experience [sic] of more than twenty years looking
      for evolutionary lineages among the Mesozoic Brachiopoda
      has proved them equally elusive."

      Dr Derek V.Ager (Department of Geology & Oceanography,
      University College, Swansea, UK), "The nature of the
      fossil record". Proceeding of the Geologists' Association,
      vol.87(2), 1976, p.132.

      LA> That IS indeed "significant"! No wonder that various evolutionists have admitted at various times and
      in various ways that the Creation scientists regularly "routed" their evolutionary opponents in that decade of all those hundreds of open, public, scientific debates! For example a noted evolutionist wrote the following;

      "Creationists travel all over the United States,
      visiting college campuses (*) and staging "debates" with
      biologists, geologists, and anthropologists. The
      creationists nearly always win."

      "The audience is frequently loaded with the already
      converted and the faithful. And scientists, until recently
      have been showing up at the debates ill-prepared for what
      awaits them. Thinking the creationists are uneducated,
      Bible-thumping clods, they are soon routed by a steady
      onslaught of direct attacks on a wide variety of scientific

      "No scientist has an expert's grasp of all the
      relevant points of astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology,
      geology, and anthropology. Creationists today - at least
      the majority of their spokesmen - are highly educated,
      intelligent people. Skilled debaters, they have always done
      their homework. And they nearly always seem better informed
      than their opponents, who are reduced too often to a
      bewildered state of incoherence."

      (The Monkey Business, Niles Eldredge, 1982, p. 17)
      (*) elsewhere some evolutionists try to pretend that the
      debates are mostly NOT on College campuses!)

      LA> With admissions like that, it is strange indeed to find that students in Public schools are STILL being taught evolutionism in science classed, where the facts show convincingly that it is NOT science at all!!


      "We used to have an open mind, now we realise that the only logical answer to life is creation -- not accidental random shuffling." (Chandra Wickramasinghe, ex-atheist Buddhist, 1981)

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