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Failure of Mathematics

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  • VictorM
    I received a comment on this article: http://www.godsriddle.info/2013/07/testing-mathematics.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2013
      I received a comment on this article:
      "Mathematics is used to test the validity of observations."
      "... observations, are highly subjective and are often proven wrong
      after better measurement techniques are discovered."

      There is not a single mathematical formula in the Bible. The fundamental
      theorem of algebra was invented by Muslim scholars long after the
      apostles died. (The Greeks used geometry, not formulas, in their
      science). The anti-bible crowd points out that the ratio pi is wrong in
      1 Kings 7:23. The word circumference is a verb in this text. They were
      walking around the bronze sea - elbowing around it - not calculating a
      mathematical ratio. They could cast a bronze sea without the need for
      the ratio pi by building a clay mold with a central peg and a rope.
      With a moveable sighting marker on a rope, a central sitting pole, four
      solstice poles on a large circle (to which the rope was attached at
      sunrise and sunset) and a leveled sighting bank beyond the circle
      (British henges), the ancients could predict eclipses without using
      mathematical formulas. We forget the simplicity of the ancient ways
      because we only know mathematical methods.
      Picture of Solomon's bronze sea is here:

      Numbers and formulas are only symbols, they have no actual reality. They
      exist only in minds. So how can symbols seemingly fit mathematical
      reality? They ONLY FIT the symbolical reality, and then only locally.
      They do not fit the real visible history of the cosmos or the
      astronomical accounts and earth histories of our ancestors. This is why
      the mathematical universe is mythical, crammed full of undetectable,
      magical things. The "scientific" claim that 80 % of the matter
      in the universe is invisible is based on a mathematical, symbolical
      version of reality that has no counterpart in visible nature, either
      locally or in the distance.

      Mathematical science defines reality with an elementary assumption that
      must be accepted by an unsupported and unshakable faith. What sort of
      faith supports western empirical science? The historical assumption upon
      which mathematical, empirical science was contrived was predicted in the
      Bible. Peter prophesied that mockers will come claiming "all things
      remain the same."

      The problem is that mathematical reality is defined operationally. Take
      the fundamental measuring unit for empirical science, the second of
      time. No one has detected any time. Solomon claimed that long-time
      (Hebrew olam, Greek and English eons) is in our minds, which is why we
      cannot understand all that God has done from beginning to end. Newton
      and Einstein assumed that time is what clocks measure. You must believe
      that matter has a fixed essence, an unchanging nature, to invent an
      operation definition such as: 9,192,631,770 oscillations from cesium 133
      is a fixed duration second. An operational definition is not concerned
      with whether time actually exists. It simply defines it and goes about
      mathematically manipulating it as though it were real. If atoms were
      changing themselves internally, all atomic clocks would keep tuning
      themselves to the changing atoms. Atomic clocks are really two clocks -
      the input and output clock. The input clock is tuned via a feedback
      circuit for a maximum signal strength for the output clock. Scientists
      simply assume the basic metaphysics of the western system, define
      seconds mathematically and invent meters, velocities, laws and constants
      all based on the basic assumption of westernism, an idea fabricated by
      Catholic medieval scholars.

      Yet when we compare an atomic clock with its transponded reflections
      from hours ago (Pioneer Anomaly) atomic clocks keep on changing speed
      just like all light clocks do in hundreds of billions of ancient
      galaxies, at many ranges. Our mathematics works with great precision,
      says the scientist. It only works locally because scientists define
      physical reality with symbols that depend for their existence on the
      basic creed, the notion that atoms are perpetual motion engines. The
      fundamental definitions, the measuring units, the mathematical constants
      and laws, the entire structure of mathematical science exists in the
      symbolical realm, a realm that has no counterpart in the visible world
      of nature or in the ancient light that reveals cosmic history.

      This is why the Bible states that light refutes error by exposing it.
      Light supports and reveals the truth because all that is visible is
      light, phos estin (Ephesians 5:13). Matter is a relation with light. The
      Earth had no extension until God's wind continued (in unbroken
      continuity) to dither as He continually commanded light to continue to
      be. Light is the fundamental definer of reality, not mathematics. All
      physical reality involves light. This is why matter has non local and
      dualistic properties because everything that exists involves a relation
      with light.

      Changing Earth Creationists accept cosmic history as we see it in all
      parts of the light spectrum. It is in galactic history that we see the
      simple evidence for a literal (rather than the traditional Latinized )
      creation. The light from the creation era shows that everything changes
      relationally. We observe how the orbits accelerate along with the atomic
      clocks as billions of galaxies grew out of their unformed origins. The
      stars continue to form and spread out, as stated in the literal Hebrew
      of the creation account and the several other biblical texts that refer
      to earth and cosmic history. We see that the universe has vast age, as
      the Bible plainly states, yet the genealogical records show that our
      planet has only orbited the Sun about 6,000 times. The orbits
      continually accelerate outward along with the accelerating atomic and
      inertial clocks as billions of galaxies grew into huge growth spirals.

      I recommend that creationists spend a few hours examining the images and
      spectra of ancient galaxies at many ranges. It is there that we see
      God's great glory. We see creation as spelled out in the literal
      text and we see how completely the Word of God will triumph over
      science. How? The fundamental assumption upon which mathematical science
      was contrived is visibly false. Look and glorify the wisdom of the
      creator who can make foolish the wise of this age even using their
      mathematical skills to defeat them. Look!

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

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