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Empiricism versus Creation

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  • VictorM
    According to Karl Popper, scientists can only approach truth when they attempt to falsify their theories. Popper claimed that positive confirmations of a
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      According to Karl Popper, scientists can only approach truth when they
      attempt to falsify their theories. Popper claimed that positive
      confirmations of a theory are suspect since they are not falsifiable. As
      more and more theories fail, perhaps those that survive become less bad.
      Children do not learn Popper's version of how science works. They
      learn that repeated, empirical measuring, mathematics and logic are the
      supreme authority over truth.

      Children also do not study the history of science as described by
      Thomas Kuhn. Kuhn claimed scientists are highly trained practitioners
      of a "normal science" paradigm. Their paradigm informs
      scientists what is a problem, how to define evidence, how to gather
      evidence and how to solve problems using the assumptions and techniques
      supplied by the paradigm. Scientists are unable to consider novel ideas
      that conflict with their paradigm. Occasionally an outsider
      revolutionizes science by questioning the fundamentalist paradigm. When
      this happens, younger scientists may switch to the new paradigm as the
      older ones die off clinging to the old system. The new science advances
      until the next scientific revolution upsets the system again.

      Both Popper and Kuhn have historical support. History shows that
      scientists shore up their theories with auxiliary hypotheses buttressed
      by unfalsifiable ideas to explain away contradictions. The clay tablets
      from the astronomical priests of Bel Marduk record their complex,
      mathematical procedures for calculating the ephemeris of a planet god.
      One tablet from Babylon records the fundamentalist dogma that was the
      basis for their mathematical science. "The signs on earth just as those
      in heaven give us signals. Sky and earth both produce portents; though
      appearing separately, they are not separate. Sky and earth are

      Scientists are much like the mathematical priests of Marduk. They
      occasionally even wear tasseled hats and long robes to show that they
      have mastered the fundamentals of their faith. Yet their faith is never
      explicitly discussed or questioned. They learn it implicitly, by
      measuring and practicing on textbook mathematical problems.

      Yet the faith of scientists is historical and is even predicted in the
      Bible. In the last days, Peter warned, mockers will come claiming that
      all things remain the same. Peter predicted that they will obfuscate
      the age of the plural heavens with their idea that all things remain
      the same. We can trace through history how the fundamental faith of all
      scientists came into existence. Their core faith is that the properties
      of matter are fixed, not emerging relationally. If you are unaware of
      how physics got its first principle, read about it here:


      Let's examine how empiricism works. By international agreements,
      the primary standard in science is the cesium atomic clock. By
      definition 9,192,631,770 microwave pulses from cesium 133 is defined as
      one second. The cesium clock is really two clocks. The input clock
      radiates the cesium with microwaves. Later, when the cesium relaxes, it
      emits microwaves that are counted by the output clock. The output clock
      tunes the input clock for maximum emissions from the relaxing cesium
      by means of a feedback loop. If cesium is changing itself relationally,
      atomic clocks would actively tune themselves to the continually
      changing atoms. The cesium second is an operational definition based on
      the assumption that atoms are perpetual motion engines.

      Meters, velocities, laws of physics, most empirical measuring units and
      mathematical constants depends on the assumption that atoms dither with
      perpetual motion. Yet we can see the past and no ancient atomic clock
      pulses with the rate of modern atoms. The earliest atomic clocks that
      shine from ancient galaxies tick at less than 10% of the frequencies of
      modern atoms.

      40 years ago, NASA sent two spin stabilized spaceships out of the solar
      system in opposite directions. The clock signals from the Pioneers,
      transmitted hours ago, kept slowing compared to NASA's hydrogen
      maser clocks of the moment. The clocks slowed (relative to distance) at
      the Hubble ratio that astronomers use to estimate the distance to
      ancient galaxies. None of the hundreds of billions of ancient galaxies
      clocks the frequencies of modern atoms.

      Here is where scientists contrive auxiliary hypotheses that are not
      falsifiable to buttress their faith in atomic perpetual motion. They
      have invented a universe that has four times as much invisible matter
      as the natural kind since none of their laws works in galaxies. They
      imagine that more than 70% of the universe is made up of vacuum forces
      that push galaxies away while changing the frequencies of all ancient
      atomic clocks. They even speculate that a tiny bit of vacuum exploded
      and created everything out of nothing. Scientific cosmologies are the
      greatest system of mythology in history. All the myths were contrived
      to protect an assumption they never discuss or examine, that atoms are
      perpetual motion engines. They cannot question their fundamentalist
      creed because their structured empiricism and mathematical laws were
      founded on the sands of an untested idea, that the properties of matter
      are fixed, not emerging relationally.

      The visible history of how galaxies grew from tiny naked globs to huge,
      local, dusty growth spirals is the most powerful evidence against the
      first principle of science. Galaxies started out as naked cores of
      unformed matter. The stars emerged and spread out as the visible
      properties of matter kept on changing relationally. What we see in
      cosmic history fits the literal text of the creation account. He
      continues to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continues to place them
      in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). It also supports the biblical
      principle that the creation is enslaved to change that is orderly and
      acts together (Romans 8:19 - 22).

      I predict that western scientists will never abandon their
      fundamentalist doctrine that the properties of matter are fixed, not
      emerging relationally. How then will God reduce the wise to fools, as He
      promises? Ordinary people, not so thoroughly trained in the dogma, will
      lift up their eyes and look at galactic history. They will abandon the
      unfalsifiable myths about invisible things and simply believe their
      eyes. What glory the Creator will get when He proves that man cannot
      come to know Him through philosophy, only by the faith of a sinner who
      trust Him alone for salvation. The demise of western science will be one
      of His greatest victories. His glory is visible in the heavens. Look!


      The picture of NIST-F1 is courtesy the National Institute of Standards
      and Technology (NIST).

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

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