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Delusions of Certain Neo-Darwinist Advocates

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  • Charles Palm
    Richard Dawkins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAbpfn9QgGA I think that the Evangelical Christians got it right in a way seeing evolution as the enemy. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2012
      Richard Dawkins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAbpfn9QgGA I think that
      the Evangelical Christians got it right in a way seeing evolution as the
      enemy. The more sophisticated theologians are quite happy to live with
      evolution. I think that they are deluded. I think that the Evangelicals
      got it right. There really is a deep incompatibility between evolution and

      James A Shapiro:
      simply sticks his head in the sand and introduces stubborn ignorance in
      place of explanation.

      James A Shapiro: (Thousands of references [including Scientific American
      articles] for these and other natural genetic engineering processes in
      evolutionary history can be accessed through clickable links at

      James A Shapiro: John, Keith, and Jerry have stated that I am mistaken
      (and dangerously misleading others) by expressing my position that natural
      genetic engineering is essential to evolution. If they wish to maintain
      that stance, then I think they need to explain why in detail. Fiat
      assertions and personal attacks are no substitute for rigorous argument.


      James A Shapiro: Hearing this (and knowing that alternative explanations
      inevitably arise in science), I said to myself that the Creationists have a
      point. They are dealing with a form of religious belief on the *evolution*
      side. Dawkins* transformation into an aggressive proselytizer for his
      undoubting and absolutist version of atheism confirms this conclusion.

      Richard Dawkins: http://jerrycoyne.uchicago.edu/about.html#reviews
      Anybody who doesn't believe in evolution is stupid, insane, or hasn't read
      Jerry Coyne. I defy any reasonable person to read this marvelous book and
      still take seriously the *breathtaking inanity* that is intelligent design
      *theory* or its country cousin, young earth creationism.

      Jerry A Coyne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqGX08Og4CE "Why Evolution
      Is True". (Please notice the disrespect for others from about 16:30 minutes
      to about 17:20 minutes. The topic is supposed to be about the evolution of
      horses from 5 toes to 3 toes to 1 toe. He hold up his middle finger and
      says, "This if for the creationists". The audience laughs as they agree
      with Coyne's disrespect for others who do not agree with them).

      Jerry A Coyne, Why Evolution is True, p.115:
      http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/OriginsTalk/message/29493 Everywhere we
      look in nature, we see animals that seem beautifully designed to fit their
      environment, whether that environment be the physical circumstances of
      life, like temperature and humidity, or the other organisms -- competitors,
      predators, and prey -- that every species must deal with. It is no surprise
      that early naturalists believed that animals were the product of celestial
      design, created by God to do their jobs.

      Jerry A Coyne: Darwin dispelled this notion in The Origin. In a single
      chapter, he completely replaced centuries about divine design with the
      notion of a mindless, materialistic process -- natural selection -- that
      could accomplish the same result. It is hard to overestimate the effect
      that this insight had not only on biology, but on people's worldview. Many
      have not yet recovered from the shock, and the idea of natural selection
      still arouses fierce and irrational opposition.

      Charles P: Jerry A Coyne and Darwinism ignore over 60 years of molecular
      science. Natural genetic engineering has thousands of references to
      empirical and verifiable evidence.

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