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SWIFT J1725-46

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  • VictorM
    On September 16th, 2012 NASA s SWIFT satellite detected a bright source of X-rays a few degrees from the galactic center. The energized X-rays brightened for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2012
      On September 16th, 2012 NASA's SWIFT satellite detected a bright source of X-rays a few degrees from the galactic center. The energized X-rays brightened for two days. Less energetic X-rays continued to pulse into October. NASA has labeled this as an X-Ray nova, something never before observed by SWIFT. It is known by its SWIFT co-ordinates as J1725-46. SWIFT's XRT (X-Ray Telescope) images show periodic jets or bursts flaring around the source.

      NASA's explanation is that the bursts of X-rays came from a previously undetected black hole. The story is that most black holes glow in X-rays as gas spirals down the drain. At the inner region of an accretion disk, bipolar jets emerge because the invisible hole is allegedly spinning. In this case, the invisible accretion disk allegedly built up an invisible dam that held back the dust and gas. Then suddenly, the dam broke and a flood of gas hit the invisible black hole, causing the burst of X-rays that SWIFT detected.

      Black holes are unfalsifiable. Like 99% of the scientific universe, they are conveniently defined as invisible. Scientists claim four-times as much invisible matter exists as the natural, visible kind. They do so to force their laws of gravity on hundreds of billions of galaxies that never follow their laws. They have filled the universe up with undetectable vacuum-stretching energies to prevent what is visible from being so. Only 0.3 % of the scientific universe is supposedly visible stars and gas. We, the tax payers, pay astronomers to build huge telescopes and tell us what they see. Instead they spend billions explaining away what is visible with absurd stories about undetectable things.

      What is visible only fits the creation account in the Bible. First Elohim created (completed action verb) the plural heavens and the earth. The earth at that stage was formless and empty. Then Elohim continued to command light to continue to be. Evidently that is when the earth began to have extension. This interpretation is supported by the fact that (1) light dithers around in all matter giving it the ability to take up space. (2) The most ancient land masses, the continents, only fit together on a tiny globe without major (younger) seas. This fits the Bible that states three times the earth spreads out in unbroken continuity. The theory that the Earth has swallowed two thirds of its crust is denied by the layered, undisturbed, sediments in the "subduction" trenches.

      On the fourth creation day, Elohim continued to command lights in the plural heavens. He continued to form the Sun, Moon and stars and place them in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). He continues to finish the plural heavens and Earth, according to Genesis.

      What SWIFT detected is more evidence for formless things receiving form and emerging from point sources as Elohim continues to command light to continue to be. He continues to form stars and continues to place them in the spreading place, Hebrew raqiya.

      We confirm biblical creation in the only continuum that is visible as it happened, galactic history. We observe that many early galaxies were naked, without starry arms. We observe how strings of equally spaced star globs came out and rotated out. We observe how the earliest galaxies often shone at tiny fractions of the light frequencies of modern atoms. We observe at many ranges how the stars came out, accelerated out, spread out, as billions of galaxies grew into huge, local, dusty growth-spirals. What we observe is the very things the Biblical Creator says He does in unbroken continuity. The space matter takes up, its inertial properties and its quantum frequencies all change together, that is relationally, throughout cosmic history.

      He commands you to lift up your eyes and look at the plural heavens, the spreading place. You cannot see spreading vacuums, but you can see how billions of galaxies spread out, growing from tiny naked globs as the stars continued to emerge. We observe how the properties of matter kept on changing relationally, as one should expect from the Apostle's Paul's description (Romans 8:19 - 22). Paul wrote that the creation is enslaved to change. Even when we sent calibrated clocks out of the solar system on the Pioneers, their clock signals (transmitted yesterday) kept on accelerating (compared to NASA's local clocks). The clocks accelerated at the same ratio to distance as astronomers use to estimate the distance to ancient galaxies using their observed light clock rates. Lift up your eyes and look and perhaps you will see how great will be the triumph of the Word of God over science. Knowledge of His great glory is visible for all to see in the plural heavens (the galaxies) the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya).

      Credit for the SWIFT X-ray photo of J1725-46: Goddard Space Flight Center.
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