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Biblical Objectivity

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  • VictorM
    A photo of a telescope objective is located here: http://www.godsriddle.info/2012/04/biblical-objectivity.html Something that is objectively true involves an
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2012
      A photo of a telescope objective is located here:
      Something that is objectively true involves an object that actually exists independently of the mind of the observer. Reality, truth and reliability are the goals of objectivity. On a microscope, the objective is the lens closest to the object being observed. On a refractor telescope the objective is the lens at the front. On a reflecting telescope the objective is the primary mirror. An observer sees images of real objects with the objectives of microscopes and telescopes.

      In the scientific system, objective truth has degenerated from what is visible to what is mathematical. The result is the scientific universe that is 99% invisible, never detected by anyone anywhere. For example, scientists believe that 75% of the universe is a vacuum-stretching anti-gravity property of the vacuum that pulls more energy out of the vacuum to accelerate the expansion of the vacuum. Dark energy has no objective reality, since it is only found in obscure mathematical theories and is never observed in the objective world of real reality. Why has the language of science become mathematical, subjective to the extreme?

      Scientists define objective entities with an unsupported assumption. What assumption? The Bible predicts that the mockers of the last days obscure the age and history of the plural heavens with their claim that all things remain the same. The notion that the essence of substance is changeless came from medieval monks who adjusted Aristotle's system to fit their theories about God. The foundational principle of western science is the idea that matter is not naturally changing itself as it ages. With this idea scientists have operationally defined a host of undetectable things. By international agreements, the primary scientific measuring unit is time. Yet no human has ever detected any time. From the second of time, scientists scale a plethora of other operationally defined units for length, velocities, accelerations, laws about mass and energy etc. Yet none of these things is objective, since they are only detected mathematically with the first principle of modern science, the assumption that atoms are immutable and dither with perpetual motion. Almost everything scientists do and think is based on their subjective empirical system.

      According to the Bible, light reveals the truth and exposes error because everything that is visible is light, phos estin (Ephesians 5:13). Evidently matter is so intimately connected to light that reality is associated with light, objective. We never detect anything about physical reality apart from light, which we even detect with sensors that are sensitive to light beyond our vision range. The Bible tells us that the Earth had no form, no extension, until Elohim continued to command light to continue to be.

      The speed of light is sluggish compared to the vast cosmic distances. This allows us to objectively see galactic history as it happened long ago. We see in the distance that the galaxies (shamayim) were formed first before the stars became to form and spread out in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). We observe how the stars continued to accelerate out, rotate out, taking up more space as they emerged from originally naked galactic cores. We see how billions of galaxies grew into huge, dusty local growth spirals. What is visible defies every definition and law of empirical science. Why? We observe that the properties of matter continually emerge. We never detect perpetual motion atoms in any galaxy anywhere.

      Subjectivity is the art of discerning and interpreting reality with ideas that are only available in mind. Scientists subjectively have invented a universe that is mostly undetectable. In fact they have defined subjective things as objective, yet undetectable. Black holes supposedly are undetectable because light can't escape. What we see in the universe is tohu bohu (point sources) disgorging great jets of matter that keep changing their spectral properties as they move out. This visibly fits the words of the Bible. Elohim continues to give form to matter that had no extension by continually commanding light to be. Unlike the visible creation, the big bang is entirely subjective since its existence depends on subjective mathematical notions about perpetual motion atomic reality. No one has ever detected a vacuum that stretches light, yet scientists subjectively claim that all light from the ancient universe is being stretched by the empty vacuum of space. Why do they contrive ad hoc subjective stories that rely on pure magic? They subjectively measure things that have no actual existence (mass energy and time) and contrive mathematical laws that exist only in their minds. In all of history, scientists are perhaps the most subjective people who ever lived yet they claim that their mathematical versions of reality are objective truth.

      The Bible says God is taking them with their own skills. He is planning to make foolish (Greek moros) the wise of this age. Since we see a biblical creation with sight, how great will be the triumph of the word of God over western science.

      He photo shows the objective (the segmented primary mirror) of the Keck 2 telescope. The file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license by user SiOwl of Wikipedia.org.
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