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Part 2 What does it mean? “Matter changes-itself”

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  • Victor
    Aristotle wrote that we must assume that the attributes of matter cannot change. If we interpret the Bible in its normal, historical meaning, it states that
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      Aristotle wrote that we must assume that the attributes of matter
      cannot change. If we interpret the Bible in its normal, historical
      meaning, it states that the creation is in bondage to phthora:
      fundamental change (Romans 8:20-21). Paul explains that the creation
      is becoming frail (mataiotes); that this action is universal (the
      whole creation); and that it is an orderly process (hupotasso). Paul
      even illustrates what his words mean with two Greek together-verbs.
      Orderly, together change is known as relational change.

      A scientifically minded person would argue that matter could not
      change its attributes because if it did we could precisely measure it.
      That is NOT how relational change works. In relational change, no
      ingredient of the relation remains unchanged. If matter is a dynamic
      relation with light (Genesis 1:1 -3), then its properties are not
      reducible to independent entities and they would be emergent
      properties. Furthermore, matter should be active and those activities
      should have holistic and non local properties. If matter is a dynamic
      relation, our precise methodologies for measuring substance, durations
      or dimensions could NOT measure its changes. However, relational
      changes are clearly visible.

      Is matter dynamic? Everything we know about the basic structure of
      matter is conveyed to us by light. Light is the most dynamic thing we
      know. According to quantum observations, light is involved in the
      internal motions of matter, its repulsions and attractions, its
      dimensions and its ability to interact with other matter. The Bible
      simply states that in the earliest stages of creation things were
      formless, empty, unreal, void (tohuw bohuw) and darkness was on the
      face of the primordial abyss. God moved across the face of the mayim
      (transitory thing) and commanded "Let there be light" and matter was
      actualized by light. It was then that all the matter in the heavens
      and the earth received its form. Beyond question, matter is active
      and related to light.

      Is matter a relationship with light? One of the most powerful
      evidences that matter is a relationship, not inert substance, are the
      billions of atomic events scientists analyze trying to decode its
      properties. They cannot prove whether matter is substance or waves of
      some kind. Matter's dual nature, which depends of the experimenter's
      frame of mind and apparatus, is simple evidence that matter is a
      relationship with light. Related atomic things statistically affect
      each other at great distances. No theory of matter as substance can
      fit the evidence for non locality or duality. Quantum reality is
      perfectly natural, if matter is a relationship with light.

      Is the relation dynamic? We can see the past with sight all the way
      back to the age of creation. Primordial atoms shone with long
      wavelengths as though they were tiny scale models of local atoms. We
      see on the surface of our planet the visible evidence that it was once
      minuscule. We see how the galaxies formed as the stars continually
      came out of naked galactic cores packed with stars. What we see with
      sight fits the literal words of the Bible that God continually calls
      the stars to come out and the earth continually spreads out. But
      Aristotle's assumption is now held as an inflexible dogma, so
      scientists cannot believe what anyone can see - that matter
      continually changes as a relation. When scientists try to force their
      concept of matter as unchanging substance on the visible history of
      the universe, it results in myths substantiated by invisible matter
      and undetectable processes. Yet we see a biblical cosmic history with
      sight. We can even see a biblical version of physics, that everything
      in creation is fundamentally changing. Test Aristotle assumption, the
      historical metaphysical foundation for the scientific system.
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