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Water apparently found in Chryse Planatia

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  • Victor
    Mars Express has detected hints of water and ice in the radar echo at Chryse and the North pole. The MARSIS long-wave radar is turned on for 26 minuets on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Mars Express has detected hints of water and ice in the radar echo at
      Chryse and the North pole. The MARSIS long-wave radar is turned on
      for 26 minuets on the night side of Mars each orbit at periapsis. The
      Chryse Planatia is a 250 kilometer wide circular depression that seems
      to be an impact basin. The signal reflected from the subterranean
      bottom of Chryse is so flat that it may be liquid water. However, the
      bowl of the crater seems to be filled with something transparent to
      the radar - perhaps ice. Perhaps the ice is floating on the water
      while the surface is sealed by a covering of sand??? (Opportunity is a
      few meters from the western rim of Erebus crater [300 meter diameter]
      on Mars. The crater is filled with dunes - many higher than the rim.)

      How did Mars change from warm, acidic, wet, volcanically active, with
      global magnetic stripes and displaying water erosion features? Today
      it is a cold, dry, rusted, sand blasted planet. Evidence of enormous
      climate change on Mars supports a literal biblical interpretation
      rather than a scientific one. Christians want the Bible to fit our
      culture. I confess that I also used a separate hermeneutic - so that
      I could tailor the Bible to fit the scientific system. I didn't
      intentionally try to distort the Bible. In fact, our scientific
      culture is so powerful that I ONLY knew how to think about physical
      substance one way. I was unaware of our first principle until I
      decided to apply the normal rules of hermeneutics to interpret
      earth-history in the culture of the writers, instead of with our
      science. ***A test of our first principle is quite simple.*** All you
      have to do is examine distant starlight, by which we can actually see
      the past. In general, the more distant the starlight, the more its
      frequencies differ from similar local atoms. Either matter changes
      (the literal biblical approach) or ghostlike processes (never
      observed) stretched out the light passing through the vacuum of space.
      A scientist might argue, if matter is changing, we could measure
      such changes locally. (1.) Only differential changes can be measured
      locally or modeled with mathematics. (2.) Relational changes have no
      independent variable because everything changes together. (3.) Our
      symbolic units for time and matter were invented with the assumption
      that matter does not change. We even use the assumption, circularly,
      to calibrate the units - seconds define meters - so if matter changes,
      almost all our units of measurement would change with it - TOGETHER.
      Our constants would only exist in the symbols, not in reality.

      Simple evidence supports a Biblical world view because in the Bible -
      every part of the creation is hupotasso - arranged under God's command
      to deteriorate. (This is an orderly deterioration - not like
      radioactivity). Peter said (I Peter 1:7) that gold is presently
      apollumoi - destroying itself. Everywhere we look in the universe we
      see overwhelming evidence for change, even in matter itself. Why did
      Mars change so radically? Because orbits spiral out as we see when we
      compare the earliest (most distant) galaxies with later versions. No
      distant orbit fit our clock-like ideal. The ancients told about
      planetary close encounters and the break up of a watery planet at
      close range in historical times. These things are mentioned in the
      Bible in a factual way. The astronomers of long ago even measured such
      changes with precise angles.

      Yet we insist that our symbolic units and symbolic mathematics are
      true attributes of nature. Why would God command every bit of matter
      to deteriorate? So that He can shame the wise with "moros," those
      simple souls who just believe His word. Can he really bring discredit
      on those who believe that matter does not change - when every atom in
      the distance shows that it does? Can He really do what He promises,
      take them with their own wisdom? Why? So that faith in His Savior
      will triumph over any conceivable science for His glory. Think about it.
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