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  • VictorM
    Nov 14, 2012
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      > > LA> Dr. Henry M. Morris -- noted Creation scientist, points out the following;
      > > -------------------------------
      > >
      > > If evolution is true, then there must be
      > > some innovational and integrative principle
      > > operating in the natural world which
      > > develops order out of randomness and
      > > higher order from lower order. Since, by
      > > uniformitarianism, this principle is still in
      > > effect, scientists should be able to observe
      > > and quantify it.
      > >
      > > The creation model, on the other hand,
      > > suggests that there should be a conservational
      > > and disintegrative principle operating in nature.
      > >
      > > Since the total quantity
      > > of matter and energy, as well as the perfect
      > > degree of order, were created super-
      > > naturally in the beginning, we could not expect
      > > to see naturalistic processes of innovation
      > > and integration, as required by evolution,
      > > working today.
      > >
      > Victor: Unfortunately Morris did not read his Bible carefully. God commanded the ground and the animals to change and the verb is passive in Hebrew. In other words change is absolutely natural in matter, in animals and in plants. The changes in matter are the easiest to prove since we can see the past. Every atomic clock in hundreds of billions of galaxies clocks a different frequency than modern atoms. What we see is relational changes, where everything changes in an orderly manner, together, just like the verbs the Apostle Paul used to describe how the universe is enslaved to change.
      > LA> Are you claiming then that "monkeys changed into people"?

      Of course not. The Bible plainly states that God commanded the animals to reproduce after their kinds. That does not mean that (1) that gradual changes have not resulted from nature or the (2) God is not Himself changing nature, which He claims to do in the book of Job.

      > Victor: How totally complete will be the triumph of the words of God over science, the system that was founded on the idea the Bible predicted for the last days - the notion that all things remain the same.
      > LA> Are you referring to "Evolutionary science" then? Such "scientists" claim that all living things "change" UPWARDS from simple to more and more complex forms, don't they? If that is the "science" that you predict will be refuted then you would be correct of course.

      You can define science in two ways. (1) Simple knowledge, such as observations of bees and flowers. (2) A structured way of arranging knowledge based on a first principle. Modern science is of the latter kind. It was contrived on a single assumption, a first law, that the Bible predicted for the mockers of the last days.

      Scientists, whether creationists or evolutionists, try to explain reality with symbolical, mathematical things no one has ever detected. Mass, energy and time are operationally defined with the assumption that the properties of matter are fixed - not emerging.

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