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  • VictorM
    Nov 13 2:14 PM
      --- In OriginsTalk@yahoogroups.com, Charles Palm <palmcharlesUU@...> wrote:
      > David Williams: Evolution happens whether or not you believe.
      > Evolution: http://creationwiki.org/Evolution The word evolution basically
      > means "gradual change". In the broadest sense the word is all-pervasive;
      > stars, galaxies, languages, attitudes, maturity and political systems all
      > evolve through time. Beyond this broad definition, the word evolution is
      > used in a number of different ways, leading to a great deal of confusion.

      Many creationist fight a war against evolution. They can't win their war because the Bible plainly mentions changes in matter, changes in animals and changes in plants. The changes occurred in the first week as well as subsequently.

      Elohim continued to command ground to produce living planets that reproduced and grew into trees that bore fruit - all on half a day.
      He continued to command waters to team with reproducing life. He continued to command the ground to produce living creature. He continued to command stars to continued to form, from the formless stuff created on the first day. He continued to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continued to place them in the spreading place. Notice that nature itself is commanded to act, so that inanimate things produced life at Gods continuing commands. We confirm the Biblical account with our telescopes. Billions of galaxies that were originally naked and whose atoms shone at tiny fractions of the frequencies of modern atoms, shot out streams of dense globs that later spread out into stars. Billions of galaxies intrinsically grew into huge growth spirals. This is the most powerful evidence for creation and for intrinsic changes in matter.

      Later God cursed the animals and the ground so that it would produce thorns and thistles. Notice He did not make the thorns and thistles - the ground did. Animals and plants have continued to change, but they do not change into different kinds.

      God Himself claims to change animals for their survival - feeding the lions who originally were vegetarians.

      In other words some aspects of evolution are Biblical, because GOd commanded ground and animals and plants to change passively, that is naturally. The evolution of matter is one of the most powerful confirmation of creation. We can see hundreds of billions of galaxies at many ranges back through the vast eons to the beginning of the universe. Not a single one of them clocks the frequencies of modern atoms. We observe how the orbits accelerate along with the accelerating atomic clocks as galaxies intrinsically grew into huge growth spirals. NOt only did the galaxies grow, but the Earth has grown from a tiny body without major seas - the continents only fit together on a tiny globe. Even when we sent calibrated clocks out of the solar system, their signals transmitted hours ago kept on accelerating, compared to the NASA's clocks of the moment.

      How utterly devastating will be the triumph of the literal words of God over science, the system that was founded on the very idea the Bible predicted for the false teachers of the last days - the notion that all things remain the same.

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