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Creationism special: A battle for science's soul

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Creationism special: A battle for science s soul http://www.newscientist.com/channel/life/evolution/mg18725073.700 09 July 2005 Debora MacKenzie New Scientist
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2005
      Creationism special: A battle for science's soul


      09 July 2005
      Debora MacKenzie
      New Scientist Magazine issue 2507

      Eighty years after the Scopes trial drew battle lines over evolution and creationism, Darwin's
      theory is under renewed attack, this time from "intelligent design"

      ON 10 July 1925, a drama was played out in a small courtroom in a Tennessee town that touched off
      a far-reaching ideological battle. John Scopes, a schoolteacher, was found guilty of teaching
      evolution (see "The monkey trial - below"). Despite the verdict, Scopes, and the wider scientific
      project he sought to promote, seemed at the time to have been vindicated by the backlash in the
      urban press against his creationist opponents.

      Yet 80 years on, creationist ideas have a powerful hold in the US, and science is still under
      attack. US Supreme Court decisions have made it impossible to teach divine creation as science in
      state-funded schools. But in response, creationists have invented "intelligent design", which they
      say is a scientific alternative to Darwinism (see "A sceptic's guide to intelligent design"). ID
      has already affected the way science is taught and perceived in schools, museums, zoos and ...

      The complete article is 1653 words long.


      Take a look at New Scientist's special report on "evolution" or maybe it should be titled


      Editorial: Creationism against Darwinism? No contest
      It is an unhappy time to be a Darwinist in the US, but it will take more than the thinly-disguised
      creationism, "intelligent design", to defeat evolutionary biology
      Comment - 09 July 2005

      Creationism special: A sceptic's guide to intelligent design
      Advocates of intelligent design argue it is a rigorous scientific alternative to natural
      selection. But just what is it, and is it science at all?
      News - 09 July 2005

      Creationism special: Survival of the slickest
      Scientists must use different tactics to argue against intelligent design, as their opponents
      willingly distort the truth, says Lawrence Krauss
      News - 09 July 2005

      On the origin of creationism
      Calling creationists irrational will get you nowhere. Far better to understand how their beliefs
      arose and how they're being exploited, says Mary Midgley
      Comment - 25 December 2004

      Christopher W. Ashcraft
      Northwest Creation Network
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