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178Flood of claims for 'Noah's Ark'

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Jul 29, 2006
      Flood of claims for 'Noah's Ark'
      Legendary vessel of Genesis story goes from nowhere to everywhere

      July 16, 2006. WorldNetDaily.com

      After centuries of scouring the Earth for Noah's Ark, claims are now flooding in that the
      legendary vessel of the Bible has been found.

      Last month, headlines screamed that a Texas team of archaelogists believed they had possibly
      located the biblical boat in Iran.

      But hang on to the "Hallelujah!" chorus a little longer.

      There are numerous claims about the final resting place, from Ararat to Armenia. With modern
      technology and digital photography being utilized in the hunt, it seems like everyone is finding
      what they think is Noah's Ark.


      Christopher W. Ashcraft
      Northwest Creation Network