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160Cosmology in 2004: A bad year for the Big Bang

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Jun 21, 2005
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      Re: An Open Letter to the Scientific Community

      Cosmology in 2004: A bad year for the Big Bang

      By Eric J. Lerner

      Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

      The past year brought a steady drum beat of observational and theoretical bad news for the Big
      Bang theory, making that hypothesis more untenable then ever. Data on the cosmic microwave
      background (CMB), on distant and near galaxies, on the abundances of light elements, added to the
      evidence that the universe is much older than the hypothetical Big Bang, that dark matter does not
      exist, and that the universe is not expanding.

      While Big Bang supporters relied more and more on their control over funding and open suppression
      of alternative views, the debate over cosmology burst into public view with the publication in May
      of an Open Letter on Cosmology in New Scientist, among the most prominent of popular science
      magazines. The open letter, denouncing the orthodoxy of conventional cosmology, urges the funding
      of alterative approaches. It has now been signed by hundreds of scientists from countries around
      the globe.

      The following review just touches on some of the mass of new data published in the past year and
      is in no way comprehensive.

      Christopher W. Ashcraft
      Northwest Creation Network