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Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary in LA Times

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  • DW Emory
    After reading the LA Times article, which states that the grant deed to the property was conditional, I would assume the CalState Foundation would be
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2003
      After reading the LA Times article, which states that the grant deed to the
      property was "conditional," I would assume the CalState Foundation would be
      obligated to notify the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society of any
      substantive change that affected the property's intended use. And
      certainly, closure of the facility last summer, and the apparent physical
      neglect since then, would have required such notice, together with a plan
      and schedule for restoring the property to its intended use.

      Yet a University official was quoted as stating that "plans are being
      developed"....and the Audubon group was unaware of these." Also, another
      University spokesperson stated that the University's foundation "has many
      plans for improving Tucker," but (apparently) has not notified the San
      Fernando Audobon Society of those plans.

      The University also promised nearby residents last year that the on-site
      manager of Tucker who left last September would be replaced shortly, but
      the position still remains vacant.

      Not only that, but the University, according to the LA Times article,
      "neglected to tell anyone, inform the public, or post a sign" indicating
      that the facility was closed to the public. This would appear to be another
      strong indication of bureaucratic neglect on the part of the University.

      Given the current California budget crisis, combined with the typically
      slow bureaucratic process evidenced by the University in remediating the
      situation, it would seem unlikely that restoration of public access and
      facility improvements will occur anytime soon if the sanctuary remains
      under University control.

      In response to the bureaucratic foot-dragging by the University, the nearby
      residents have formed a Friends of the Sanctuary group, which is seeking an
      organization which would take control of the sanctuary.

      Probably the best way to make the University to put the pedal to the metal
      is to encourage the residents, and the San Fernando Audubon Society, to
      continue seeking an alternative organization to take over the sanctuary

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