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Fwd: plovers at Bolsa Chica

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  • Bob Allen
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2003
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      > From: "rrovansek" <rrovansek@...>
      > Date: Wed Mar 5, 2003 9:05:45 AM US/Pacific
      > To: OrangeCountyBirding-owner@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: plovers at Bolsa Chica
      > I visited the marsh at Bolsa Chica (Huntington Beach) on Tuesday
      > around noon, and with the hundreds of black bellied plovers, I
      > located two golden plovers. Both birds seemed to have the field marks
      > for Pacific Golden Plover, and considering the date I guess Pacific
      > is more likely than American, but I won't claim to be sure about the
      > ID. Does anyone have any hints for separating the golden plovers?
      > There were several other species of shorebirds present, including
      > marbled godwits, bn Stilts, avocets, dowitchers which sounded to me
      > more like long-billed than short billed, willets, and a handfull of
      > peeps.
      > All of these shorebirds were found on the flat behind the 8' chain
      > link and barbed wire fence at the end of the the boardwalk that leads
      > away fron the parking area on PCH. This parking area is near the
      > traffic signal, just across PCH from the entrance to the beach at
      > Bolsa Chica State Beach.
      > Ron Rovansek
      > Huntington Beach
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