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Land Pass for Upper Newport Bay Reserve

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  • wagtail1997
    Group.... I asked some questions about the policy of land passes for Upper Newport Bay to Carla.Navarro@wildlife.ca.gov on June 9th (see our message archives).
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18, 2013

      I asked some questions about the policy of land passes for Upper Newport Bay to Carla.Navarro@... on June 9th (see our message archives). Here are the answers... how they are going to enforce this is problematic.

      Question 1... concerned training UNB docents at the bay in birding where, as part of the cours,e I take them on a scheduled field trip.
      " Yes, technically the docents would need a Lands Pass for birdwatching. "

      Question 2... concerned organized field trips by birding groups to the bay and whether each member of the group is required to have a pass. I didn't mention Christmas Bird Counts, etc. , but that's implied.
      "Yes, all members of the birding group will be required to have a Lands Pass. "

      Question 3 was about access to the Muth Center on the northern side of the bay.

      "The Muth Center is property of the County of Orange and managed by OC Parks. You wouldn't need a pass to visit them because it is not state property"

      Question 4 was about Back Bay Drive.

      "Back Bay Drive is jointly maintained by the State and City of Newport Beach. There are no plans to close Back Bay Drive or disrupt access in any way. But technically, yes, if you are a cyclist or a naturalist that visits the reserve then you need a Lands Pass. "

      Question 5 was about "who can we write to to change this Rule?

      "I think the options for organizations or members of the public that would like to see the fees repealed are to contact Sacramento directly. Julie Horenstein of the Ecological Reserve program in Sacramento. Her contact information is as follows:
      Julie Horenstein
      Lands Program, Wildlife Branch
      CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
      1812 Ninth Street
      Sacramento, CA 95811
      Phone: (916) 324-3772
      Fax: (916) 445-4048
      E-mail: julie.horenstein@... "

      What is Sea and Sage's Position on this? Or the Newport Bay Conservancy??

      Joel Weintraub
      Dana Point, CA
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