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Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Digest Number 260

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  • John Bradley
    Delores: thanks for sharing this. Becky and I have been enjoying a couple pair of western tanagers in our backyard during this year s spring migration. Isn t
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
      Delores: thanks for sharing this. Becky and I have been enjoying a couple
      pair of western tanagers in our backyard during this year's spring
      migration. Isn't birding a great current-time! John and Becky Bradley
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      1. Birding Challenge...
      From: "wagtail1997" <JWeintraub@...>
      2. Wilson's Warbler and Ash-throated Flycatcher
      From: "ocbirding" <djenisch@...>


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      Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 02:39:15 -0000
      From: "wagtail1997" <JWeintraub@...>
      Subject: Birding Challenge...

      I'm posting this at the request of Marian Alter. The original was
      nicely formatted....but a copy and paste changed that!!

      Joel Weintraub, Dana Point, CA
      (Note: Masked Booby has NOT been seen this week, on at least 3
      occasions. Flyby of an American Oystercatcher reported off Crescent
      Bay last Saturday or Sunday.... )

      Want to help put Newport Beach on the map?
      Here's your chance!

      A challenge has been sent via the American Birding Association to
      birders across the US: the title of America's Birdiest City. The
      title will be awarded to the city with the most species found in a
      24-hour period. There are two divisions: large (area greater than 100
      square miles) and small (less than 100).

      And what does Orange County have a lot of?


      We chose Newport Beach to put Orange County on the map. We think that
      140+ species may be possible with your help and a little luck.

      Our consecutive 24 hours: noon May 4 through noon May 5

      The rules are simple:
      · Bird from dry land or a pier (no boats or gliders). Birds
      must be seen OVER or IN the city, not over some other city (except for
      over open ocean, where anything you see is fair game).
      · Identification is by sight or sound.
      · Your "team" size is up to you. One or ten: it's your call.

      To participate:
      Contact us.
      We'll help you select a time of day during the 24 hours, and direct
      you to an area needing coverage. Bird the area for your time, then
      report to us. We'll be in a specific location at specific times and
      available by phone.

      Guidelines for really unusual species are still in place--i.e., please
      get someone to confirm and then report to the RBA.

      We would also appreciate your list if you just bird in your favorite
      area, but we'd like to make sure the entire area gets covered. So
      please call for an assignment and a map. (The map is important-the
      city just annexed land to the south. We can give you guidelines.)

      Please contact us (Steve and Marian Alter) at <scalter@...>
      or 714-669-9482.

      Thanks and good birding.


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      Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 03:07:55 -0000
      From: "ocbirding" <djenisch@...>
      Subject: Wilson's Warbler and Ash-throated Flycatcher

      Didn't even have to go anywhere; just looked out of the kitchen window
      and, high up in the Chinese Elm, was a beautiful little Wilson's
      Warbler, eating as fast as he could.

      Later, after the grandchildren left, I put out just a wee bit more
      cracked corn for the late afternoon doves and then sat down on the
      patio to watch them come in to feed. All of a sudden, up in the Silver
      Maple, which is just now coming into leaf, there appears an Ash-
      throated Flycatcher. It was in no apparent hurry, staying around for
      about 5 minutes or so...which can seem like a very long time when
      watching a bird.

      Nice surprises.

      By the way, Gilman Park in Fullerton is on the south side of Rolling
      Hills Dr, between the 57 freeway and Placentia Ave. I believe I called
      Placentia Ave "Associated Rd" in my previous post. Sorry.

      Enjoy the birds, when and where you find them, or they find you.

      Delores Jenisch
      Fullerton, North Orange County


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