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Re: Bolsa Chica // 09 August 2009

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  • oc_birder
    Hi Dany, My name is Doug Willick and I compile bird records for Orange County. Part of my job is also to prepare quarterly reports for the editors of the So
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 12, 2009
      Hi Dany,

      My name is Doug Willick and I compile bird records for Orange County. Part of my "job" is also to prepare quarterly reports for the editors of the So Cal Region, for the journal North American Birds. I was intrigued by your post for birds seen at Bolsa Chica on 9 August. The California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) reviews documentation on specific very rare species that occur in the state (I think their threshold is any species that occurs on average less than four times annually in the state--at least that's what I remember). American Golden-Plover was placed on the CBRC review list after it was elevated to full species status, being split off from Pacific Golden-Plover (mainly because they weren't real sure of its true status in the state, being most birders didn't try to separate the two very similar plovers, conveniently leaving the ID as "Lesser Golden Plover"). Anyway, since American Golden-Plover is currently a CBRC review species, if you would be agreeable to this, I'd like to ask if you might be able to submit as complete a descripton as possible that would specifically eliminate other similar species (especially Pacific Golden-Plover, of course). Thanks Dany.

      Doug Willick
      Orange, CA

      P.S. I can also be reached, if this might help at all, at 714-648-2004 (a work number).

      --- In OrangeCountyBirding@yahoogroups.com, Dany Sloan <danymsloan@...> wrote:
      > I spent about an hour this afternoon at Bolsa Chica. Full list below,
      > but the more notable birds include a single REDDISH EGRET (which I
      > seem to see there a lot, so I guess it's not that notable) and a
      > single juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER. The bird was off the trail
      > (near where all of the Least Terns nest), perched on the rocks for a
      > solid five minutes roughly 15-20 feet in front of me. The sunlight
      > was perfect to reveal the conspicuous supercilium, and its primary
      > projection was noticeably long.
      > I also got a very, very quick look at what I thought MAY have been a
      > WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER. The size and coloration was right, but as soon
      > as I focused on the bird, it flew off. Keep an eye out if you're in
      > the area.
      > Cheers,
      > Dany Sloan
      > Los Angeles, CA
      > Location: Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve
      > Observation date: 8/9/09
      > Notes: sunny, 80s, possible White-rumped Sandpiper
      > Number of species: 25
      > Brown Pelican 25
      > Double-crested Cormorant 14
      > Great Blue Heron 2
      > Great Egret 10
      > Snowy Egret 3
      > Reddish Egret 1
      > Green Heron 1
      > American Golden-Plover 1
      > Killdeer 3
      > Willet 37
      > Long-billed Curlew 1
      > Marbled Godwit 15
      > Short-billed Dowitcher 25
      > Long-billed Dowitcher 1
      > Western Gull 70
      > California Gull 1
      > Least Tern 51
      > Caspian Tern 1
      > Forster's Tern 1
      > Elegant Tern 2
      > Black Skimmer 200
      > Rock Pigeon X
      > Belted Kingfisher 1
      > Barn Swallow 1
      > Savannah Sparrow (Belding's) 2
      > --
      > Dany Sloan // Management
      > (LoveLikeFire / The Brothers Movement)
      > http://exitfare.blogspot.com
      > http://www.twitter.com/danyexitfare
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