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Shorebird Survey Laguna Coast: Call for Volunteers

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  • wagtail1997
    I m forwarding this request... do not respond to me but to Laura. Joel Weintraub Dana Point CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS LAGUNA COAST SHOREBIRD SURVEY Laguna Ocean
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2007
      I'm forwarding this request... do not respond to me but to Laura.
      Joel Weintraub
      Dana Point



      Laguna Ocean Foundation, in partnership with the Bureau of Land
      Management and Point Reyes Bird Observatory, is launching a Shorebird
      Survey of the Laguna Coast. We are looking for volunteers to join our
      field survey team. Data from this year-long survey will be used to
      develop management measures to protect and enhance shored populations
      on the Laguna Coast. The Laguna Coast is unique among Orange County
      coastlines in its abundance of rocky shoreline habitats interspersed
      with sandy coves and beaches. The goal of the survey is to identify
      baseline levels of shorebird abundance and diversity, with seasonal
      counts that target overwintering birds, Spring and Fall migrants and
      breeding birds. Survey methods will be developed especially for this
      inventory by scientists from Point Reyes Bird Observatory, recognized
      world-wide for their expertise in applied ornithology.

      Laguna Ocean Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2004
      to protect the intertidal habitats and other coastal resources of
      Laguna Beach. The Bureau of Land Management is the supervisory agency
      of the California Coastal National Monument, a new federal monument
      established in 2000 that includes all the offshore rocks along the
      California Coast. These two entities have partnered to conduct this
      unique survey with your help, and with the help of scientists from
      Point Reyes Bird Observatory.

      The survey begins June 2007 and runs a full year. Volunteers are
      asked to commit to one half-day survey at assigned locations four
      times during the study year. A second level of volunteers will
      perform monthly surveys at focused locations each month of the year.
      Qualified volunteers should have some shorebirding experience.
      Birders with limited mobility are encouraged to volunteer, as some
      sites are easily accessible. Parking and/or access to all survey
      sites will be pre-arranged by field crew coordinators. Survey methods
      will be simple, standardized and clearly explained during a training
      session. Team member will be provided with some field supplies by REI.

      Volunteers will be part of a well-organized team that will perform
      valuable work with genuine scientific and conservation applications,
      while also partaking of a unique opportunity to experience shorebirds
      in their diverse habitats. This survey combines science,
      conservation, scenic vistas of Orange County's most beautiful
      coastline and the chance to see species you may never have seen before!

      To sign up or to get more information, simply send an email to Laura
      Wantz at LauraWantz@.... Please mention Shorebird Survey in the
      subject area. Those without internet access may call Laura at
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