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Upper Newport Bay & Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve Aug. 1, 2005

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  • raulroa
    Hello, Headed out to the Newport Bay area this morning and drove up the one way road from PCH/Jamboree. Saw six Great blue herons pretty close to each other
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005

      Headed out to the Newport Bay area this morning and drove up the one way road from
      PCH/Jamboree. Saw six Great blue herons pretty close to each other along with a few
      Snowy egrets. Not sure if this is normal for that area but I also saw a Northern harrier
      cruising low over the marsh grass and then land around the center of the grass. Not too
      far from it, almost above it, there was a circling either Cooper's hawk or another Northern
      harrier. I have to check my photos real close for that one. There was also an Osprey along
      with four Turkey vultures, all of these in the same general area, and they all traveled north
      towards the Bristol Bridge, then the TVs headed south again along with western edge of
      the preserve.

      After that, I headed north myself towards Bolsa Chica EP where I had seen one of the
      Reddish egrets in the morning driving by south about 400 yards west of the locks in some
      what of a high tide. Arriving to the BCEP at about high noon, my timing was somewhat
      good for the low tide. I stopped off at the Boardwalk first to see if there was anything that
      would catch my fancy. Got me a couple of Cal least terns along with the other regular
      ones. Saw a couple of Black skimmers again and so I began my walk along the PCH
      towards the locks and bluff. To my surprise, halfway towards the locks, there is a
      drainage pipe where a Great blue heron rested nonchalant and without worries to my
      presence some 15-20 feet from him. I was so tight with my lens, I could only get close-
      ups of his head and bill and I will post those pics too. Well, thanking him for the
      cooperation of a true professional model bird, I headed towards the locks were I could see
      many terns, peeps, willets and a couple of whimbrels and godwits. Noticing a shooter
      midway towards Warner on the bluff side, I headed in that direction in hopes he was
      looking at something I was not seeing from my low vantage point at the locks. Well, my
      guess was a good one because as soon as I got closer to the shooter (turned out to be a
      nice guy named Steve, forgot the last name) I also got a good look at one of the reddish
      egrets. Steve mentioned to me that it was the one that had had, yeap, had had the mussel
      on the right foot but now, it was gone. The bird, though, has a noticeable limp and
      hopefully this is just temporary and with time, his leg will be back to normal. Well, I
      captured some frames of the RE fishing and then he flew over to where a Snowy egret was
      fishing. He quickly found the fish the SE had been stalking and with one big gulp, took it
      down like a nice cool order of oysters in a hot summer day. He then continued "harassing"
      the SE and chasing it for a while. I headed back to my car, which was still back at the
      boardwalk parking lot, and as I drove north on the PCH, the RE was still chasing the SE
      around. Well, I will post photos later tonight after a good edit.


      Raul Roa
      Whittier, CA
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