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965Yahoo Changes: OrangeCountyBirding

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  • wagtail1997
    Aug 1, 2003

      I'm attaching a message sent to sbcountybirding from Jamie Chavez
      explaining the new Yahoo Policy. Those of you who are subscribers
      will still get email but won't be able to access our files.

      Also...a side warning for ebay users on a separate matter. There is a
      fraud going around where you get a message saying ebay is having
      trouble with your account, and please provide your password...and then
      your credit card number. We were fooled last month with this and our
      credit card was used at UPS; we had to cancel our credit cards. The
      last 2 days I've gotten 2 of these requests that look like they come
      from ebay, but actually do not.

      Joel Weintraub


      The above link explains the change to all Yahoo Groups which mainly
      has to do with the Files and Photos feature each group has at its
      disposal. Our group currently has many bird photos in this file but it
      is necessary to join Yahoo in order to access them. Sbcobirding has
      been this way for some time now but as of August 7 it is "official".
      Unfortunately, Files will now be off limits unless you join. This is a
      change since Files have always been open to the public. Currently
      found in Files are the Spring Count compilation form (field list), the
      Santa Barbara County bird list, and the group rules and posting
      policies. Email for non-Yahoo members is unaffected but if you wish to
      look at bird images or files in the future you must join Yahoo. If you
      aren't currently signed-up and wish to join you can edit your
      marketing preferences afterward to prevent unsolicited junk email. To
      do this, go here:


      After you click on the "opt out" link, pay attention to the next page.
      The gray button that comes up CANCELS the opt out, so don't click it.