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953Sundown at Clark Reg. Pk, Fullerton

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  • Delores Jenisch
    Jul 11, 2003
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      Hello, OC Birders,

      On the way home from dinner this evening (Thursday), we decided to visit
      Clark Reg. Park to check on the resident Great Horned Owls. Without too
      much effort we refound the one adult owl and two fledglings. A few weeks
      ago we saw three owlets, but this evening we couldn't locate that third one.

      One young owl was softly calling for dinner while not 8 ft away the
      other one was heartily putting away big chunks of red meat which we
      think was rabbit. Later on, the two young owls were moving around a bit
      on their branches, while mama (not papa?) kept watch from another tree
      not far away.

      By the way, the park rangers and staff are VERY protective of "their"
      owls, in as much as they can be. Mama owl does, after all, pick the
      place to raise her young.

      Sundown must be a magical time for Cal. Towhees in this park. They were
      quite vocal, active, and numerous from about 7:00 to 7:30 PM...as were
      the Lesser Goldfinches! And, in dramatic contrast to the soft evening
      cooing of the doves was the unexpected and swift predatory flight of the
      Cooper's Hawk. Sent a quick shiver of fear down my spine.

      What a pleasant way to enjoy a summer sunset. Hope you all are having
      good birding on these summer days and nights.

      Delores Jenisch
      Fullerton, North Orange County