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  • Rick Shearer
    Dec 1, 2002
      My son Eric, who will be 9 shortly, and I took some excursions
      recently with binocs and camera in hand.

      Sunday, 11/24 at Bolsa Chica, upper part, we saw Western Meadowlarks,
      White Crowned Sparrows, 3 Flickers but we can't say red or yellow,
      and a Peregrine Falcoln. We went to see the falcoln which was
      reported to me by a friend earlier in the week. If you park at the
      end of Bolsa Chica and walk ahead to the long row of eucalyptis you
      may see it at the top of a naked tree.

      Later that day we went to Central Park to the little lake and
      environs. The lake was full of Coots, Mallards and farm birds as
      usual, but also American Wigeons, Northern Shovelers, a pair on
      Northern Pintails, and a pair of ducks with heads resembling the
      Northern Pintail, but the body was all white, with only a dark head
      and tail. Up on the ridge above the lake we came upon a huge hawk in
      a tree, very dark. Probably a red tail but we could only see its
      dark back. Also a Red Shouldered Hawk, Orange Crowned Warblers,
      maybe a Bell's Vireo, a warbler with a dark back and head with bright
      yellow underneath, Dark Eyed Junco, White Crowned Sparrow, Savanah

      Friday after Thanksgiving we parked in the Central Park lot off of
      Golden West and cirled that part of the park. Saw a brief glimpse of
      something very yellow, but no camera at the time. Besides the more
      common things we saw after that we also saw Downey Woodpecker(s).
      Also saw Townsends Warblers and Common Yellowthroat. I have good
      film of the Townsends as I had retrieved my digital video after
      missing that first yellow bird.

      Today we went to Modjeska canyon. The Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is
      still closed, so we hiked up the Harding trail a ways. There are
      always lots of Woodpeckers hanging out there, Acorn I think, and
      Scrub Jays. We also watched a California Thrasher eating and saw a
      covey of Mountain Quail.

      This is our first year of birding. I find it tough to sort out a lot
      of these creatures. You guys must have lots of practice.

      Rick Shearer, Fountain Valley