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7412A few birds

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  • cany
    May 12, 2013
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      I birded Baker Canyon for four hours yesterday and was quite surprised at the numbers of Western tanagers. They seemed to be everywhere. They are also all over the canyons. Four raptors: Cooper's, red-shouldered, American Kestral and the ever-present red-tailed. Lots of Warbling vireos, Bullock's and Hooded orioles.

      Today, searched for the Franklin gull in Doheny (back and forth from the river mouth to the bait barge with stops in between), but did not find the bird before noon. Others had the same idea and I ran into a bevy of birders looking for that rascal.

      After photographing some nesting black-crowned elsewhere, I head to Bolsa Chica. Missed the Sora, but got the Clapper rail at about 2:15pm at the walkbridge. There seem to be two there. One was south of the walkbridge and one was north. I only saw the one to the south momentarily, but got a good ID pic of the one north of the walkbridge on the Coast highway side. Sneaky little rascals, but this bird repeatedly called for quite a while letting us know where it was.

      Good birding,
      Sherry Meddick
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