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730surprise woodpecker sighting

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  • Rick Shearer
    Nov 1, 2002
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      After seeing a red shafted flicker at work this week, I'm surprised
      that I can top it. Today while putting out seed I looked up in our
      dead nectarine tree and saw something new. As my eyes caught up with
      him I saw he was black and white, in bars and dots, then I saw the
      red band on his head. He finally got tired of my tree and flew to
      the neighbor's yard as I stood dead still. I checked my book and I'd
      say it was a Nutall's Woodpecker. I'm sure these are common for some
      of you all living in more inland and older areas, but I've not seen
      one in the Fountain Valley burbs before.

      Rick Shearer
      Fountain Valley
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