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7099Pine Warbler -Yorba Regional Park

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  • bugbob520
    Mar 1, 2013

      I slightly edited and then re-posted this message from Tom.

      -Bob Allen
      Mission Viejo, CA
      Owner & Co-Moderator, OC Birding


      This morning I had a very pale (probable first year female) PINE WARBLER at
      Yorba Regional park. The bird on the west side of park near parking lot P3. The
      bird was foraging in a pine along lake west of hexagon shaped shelter with
      picnic tables and responded very well to phishing. The only other thing of note
      were a couple of Egyptian Geese that have 4 young at the East end of the park.

      I also had some good bird this past Saturday. I started the day at Seal Beach
      along the pull-off from PCH where Bruce Aird found me 3 PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVERS.
      We then split off to look for the Black Scooters at Sunset Beach and points
      north. To my knowledge the two males have not been refound since they were
      initially seen and photographed by Tom Benson. I'll try going south next time.
      The PALM WARBLER was present at Burris Basin around midday. Later in the day I
      had two GOLDEN EAGLES from the parking lot of Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. A short while later at the visitor center at O'Neill Regional Park I had another GOLDEN EAGLE fly right overhead.

      Back on February 13th I had the continuing SUMMER TANAGER at Goldenwest College.

      All the best,
      Tom Ford-Hutchinson
      Irvine, CA