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678thanks for tips for Lawrences Goldfinch etc.

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  • Judy Meredith
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hi birders
      I visited around LA but did not actually make it to Orange county for
      birding. I did make one trip to the area east of Bonelli Park in LA
      County, walking up the fire road as recommended and very much
      PHAINOPELPA, etc. No Lawrences but lots of LESSERs and
      AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES. E-mail back to me if anyone wants a
      complete list. It was a nice area.

      On the way home I stopped near the top of the grapevine area off
      I-5 in some habitat that was Live Oak and chapperal but I didn't have
      any luck there either at higher elevation.

      Next trip I plan to actually go south to Orange County to other places
      you recommended. I ran out of time this trip. Again, thanks for the help.
      Bend, Oregon