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5Re: [OCB] common murre

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  • pacloon@pacbell.net
    Nov 7, 2000
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      Please remember that many people who will be joining this list will
      not be totally familiar with the locations you may mention. Where is
      Crescent Bay?

      Also, others: please note by default any reply to to the sender of a
      post to OrangeCountyBirds goes to everyone on the list. This has
      eventually become a problem with other birding listserves when people
      will undoubtedly forget this feature and e-mail the group private

      PS: Also, how about a default id tag like [OCB] (Orange County
      Birding) place in the subject line so that a reader who gets a lot of
      e-mail can distinguish e-mail from Orange County Birds from other
      private and less worthy SPAM e-mail?

      Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA
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